Greenhill Business Club Takes on Management of Significant Portfolio

Greenhill School announces that its high school Business Club will be managing a portfolio of stocks for the school. Many colleges allow students to actively manage school resources, but few high schools across the country place such trust in their students.
For years Greenhill School Business Club members have participated in a virtual investing competition sponsored by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. In this simulated investing competition, students often made high risk investment decisions in an attempt to do well in the contest. Co-President junior Hank Golman said, “After several discussions, our group’s leadership thought the Club could make the investing process more relevant to our members if we took a longer-term approach and actually managed a small portion of the Greenhill’s investments.”
In late 2012, Club leadership, working with its advisors, made a proposal to Greenhill’s Investment Committee to allow the Business Club to manage $50,000 of the school’s investments. Junior Lewis Carlson, also Co-President, commented, “We wondered if the Investment Committee would take us seriously. However, we spent a lot of time studying how to make investment decisions and preparing our proposal. We tried to be conservative in making our request.” The Investment Committee, after asking for a few refinements and approving the Club’s Investment Policy Statement which governs what types of stocks are allowed, approved the proposal and decided to fund the initiative themselves, raising $100,000 for the Club to manage.
Since receiving Investment Committee approval, the Club has received training from financial professionals on investment and market terminology and factors to consider when making investment decisions. Club members divided into six teams, each responsible for monitoring a market sector and making investment recommendations. In talking about his team’s recommendations, sophomore Christian Holmes, Club Co-Vice-President and Team Leader for the Industrials Sector, said, “We spent almost as much time studying financial information on a half dozen companies as we do on our final exams. We wanted to propose companies with good prospects for price appreciation.”
Katie Robbins, Greenhill’s Director of Finance and Human Resources, and Club Sponsor Mike Krueger have provided significant support to the Club. Ms. Robbins said, “The Club members have taken the responsibility for investing these funds very seriously. I have been impressed with the amount of research they have undertaken as the Club makes its initial investment decisions.” Mr. Krueger added, “This has been a learning process. We wanted to learn processes from other high schools but could not find any where students manage an investment portfolio. Allowing students to manage a stock portfolio is another example of Greenhill expanding learning opportunities for its students.”
The Club will begin purchasing stocks for its portfolio during the week of May 13th.

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