SG - Academics

Our academic program is about building a miniature city using human-centered design (in Lower School), conducting independent research at a local university (in Upper School), transforming your classroom into a marine biology lab (in Preschool), taking Chinese, Latin, and Spanish (in Middle School). It’s about broadening your vision, deepening your intelligence in all its forms, and grasping the complexity of the world ahead, while having fun along the way.

The Academic Experience

What we’re talking about

Greenhill’s 75-acre campus offers the perfect setting for a safe and vibrant learning experience. The classrooms are small, reinforcing our belief in an interactive and intimate academic environment. All classrooms are filled with natural lighting and multiple windows provide a glimpse of learning to all who may walk by. In addition, all teacher workspaces are open and accessible and support our philosophy of an inviting environment for teacher-student interaction.

A whirlwind tour of academic spaces


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