Greenhill Graduates Class of 2024 at 74th Annual Commencement

Greenhill Graduates Class of 2024 at 74th Annual Commencement

Greenhill School graduated the Class of 2024 at the 74th Annual Commencement ceremony held at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center on Monday, May 20, 2024, at 6:30 pm.

Greenhill School graduated the Class of 2024 at the 74th Annual Commencement ceremony held at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center on Monday, May 20, 2024, at 6:30 pm.

Head of Upper School Trevor Worcester introduced the graduation class and gave welcoming remarks.

Ravi Vasan gave a senior address about the many paths he has already traveled, and the paths he and the graduates will go down in the future. "For the first time in our lives, we will be on our own paths. Paths that we will forge ourselves, down to every little decision. But, Class of 2024, as scary as that might seem, we are more than prepared to take on the next chapters of our lives. Our unique education that tested our critical thinking skills, our problem-solving skills, and at times our empathy will do us well… Growing up surrounded by diverse faces, minds, and souls has readied our intuition and is an experience that each and every one of us should be proud to have accomplished."  

Sophie Schwartz delivered the second senior address, focusing on how Greenhill has prepared the seniors for the world ahead and whatever that may bring. "In many ways, the world that awaits us looks dramatically different than it did five years ago… despite these changes and challenges, I can confidently say we are ready for the world ahead. Because at Greenhill, we weren’t taught what to think, but rather how to think. From Chemistry labs to English seminars to Engineering projects, we collaborated on problems that challenged us to think beyond the textbooks and beyond our comfort zones… Through educational opportunities, we worked with a diverse group of peers to hone our understanding through collaboration and discourse. Amid these intellectual discoveries, we discovered something even more profound: ourselves. All 115 of us on this stage today, are distinctly accomplished and uniquely qualified."

Congratulations to our senior award winners:

Jeannette Yang

"Jeannette has clearly excelled across all academic disciplines. She has enrolled and successfully completed 9 AP courses and one post-AP course – achieving an A+ in all but 3 of those high-level courses. Faculty members remark how Jeannette demonstrates a strong command of course material and has an admirable dedication to enhancing their understanding of the material. What’s also incredible are the accomplishments outside the traditional academic realm she not only engages in, but thrives in. Nationally accomplished dancer and Debater, Teen Court volunteer, co-president of the East Asian Affinity Group – Jeannette excels in every arena she enters. And yet, the most telling information comes from a peer, who noted 'her authenticity makes me most comfortable around her…Jeannette pushes me to be the best version of myself.'"  

Sophia Li

"'A leader in this class.'" 'Excellent at collaborating.' 'Happy awe.' Those are just a few descriptors from the faculty who have taught or engaged with this Sophia. Over the course of Upper School, Sophia has successfully completed 7 AP courses and 1 post-AP course, earning an A or A+ in all of them. This stellar academic work often extends beyond the classroom, as she has been a part of our Evergreen staff for four years, earning national awards for her writing. Even higher accolades have come from her time with Greenhill Debate, as Sophia was a part of the first ever National Championship for World Schools at the Tournament of Champions in April and has been a co-captain of the USA Debate Team. Sophia collaborates, leads, and achieves in all disciplines at the highest level."  

Safin Stefanos
Recipient of the Estelle Dickens Service to Greenhill Award, presented to the senior who has given the most outstanding service contribution to Greenhill School. The award commemorates the more than four decades of service given to Greenhill by beloved teacher and administrator Estelle Dickens.

"Safin has made valuable contributions to the Greenhill community. With a passion for and high achievement in both math and computer science, he gives back by serving as an indispensable tutor in the MathLab, offering assistance in nearly every Hornet Block and many free blocks. Safin's commitment to supporting his peers is evident, as students consistently express their disappointment on days when he is unavailable, a testament to their trust and respect for him. As a member of the Computer Science Club, Safin goes above and beyond to assist other students with their computer science homework. Furthermore, his leadership on the YouTube team in the Teaching CS Club showcases his desire to share his knowledge and passion for computer science with his peers. In addition to serving his peers and his school, Safin is a four-year letter winner for the varsity tennis team, and all-SPC this year."  

Reyna Diamond
Recipient of the Kate Cecil Award, given to the senior who renders the most outstanding service to the Dallas community. The award is named in honor of Kate Cecil, a member of the faculty for seventeen years.

"Reyna has intentionally focused on a particular need in the greater Dallas community: people who are unhoused, hungry or food insecure. While the number of hours logged in our system is over 200, it is well known that she has chosen not to log all the hours of service she have given for these causes. The two organizations that have benefitted the most from this recipient are Metrocrest Services and North Texas Food Bank. In fact, Reyna was appointed to the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) Youth Council, and co-founded a NTFB chapter at Greenhill. To be sure that others are aware of these causes, during her junior and senior years she created lesson plans for the Middle School around teaching students about food insecurity as well as giving them actions they can take to lessen hunger in the DFW community. Reyna is already living and modeling an authentic, purposeful life."  

Santiago Lopez
Recipient of the Phillip G. Foote Award, given to the senior who is considered by the faculty to epitomize the qualities of citizenship in the Greenhill community. These qualities are rooted in the school’s core values of excellence, integrity, compassion, and courage. The award is named for Greenhill’s second Head of School.

"Santiago is the embodiment of citizenship. In classes, teachers rave about his willingness to help others, and how he is 'respectful and considerate to those around him, which has earned him the respect and admiration of fellow classmates and teachers.' Teachers also note the consistent smile and 'thank you' before, in, and after each class. Santiago is involved in all facets of Upper School life: he played in two different sports this year, is a student leader in the Latinx Student Union, and most noticeably serves and leads in tech theater. In that realm, not only is Santiago passionate about each production he is working on, but he has also mentored Middle School students with his patience and knowledge. Those qualities have made him a perfect Heart of the Hill mentor to all the Lower School students, too. And what else could possibly bring joy to the community than Santiago learning how to play the accordion, thus winning the wager to have a certain English teacher accompany him in front of the Upper School. Santiago Lopez is always spreading joy across campus."  

Dhilan Patel
Recipient of the Board of Trustees Award, given to the senior who embodies the mission and core values of Greenhill School.

"Where to begin with Dhilan? Let’s start with the core value excellence: Dhilan actively seeks out challenging courses and dives in. AP classes or post-AP classes, GOA or Greenhill, he seeks out the higher level. One English teacher wrote, 'His energy is contagious, and others follow his lead. I truly appreciate Dhilan's excitement and readiness to be in the intellectual pursuit.' How about integrity: he is honest and trustworthy, above reproach, has a generous spirit, and exhibits a strong character every day. Even though Dhilan will not be here next year, he happily took my request to interview candidates for two new key administrative roles and provided detailed feedback on all of them. An authentic, purposeful life: Dhilan has always been clear-headed on the path ahead, and true to form, he is following it. What’s even more joyful is that Dhilan rounds out that singular focus with so many other activities: a passion for dance, commitment to drumline, and an incredible ambassador for Greenhill. And those conversations about sports – TCU is lucky to have him."  

Payton Blalock
Recipient of the Senior Leadership Award, given to the member of the senior class who best demonstrates the qualities of leadership.

"Payton has a vast resume of leadership to her credit. What’s incredibly powerful, though, is that the titles are not for display only; there’s incredible service embedded in each role she takes on. As a captain for the field hockey and soccer teams, Payton not only showcases her athletic prowess but also fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment, ensuring every team member feels valued and supported. As one of the Executive Editors of the Evergreen, one faculty member noted, 'Payton's leadership demands an extraordinary amount of time and energy, yet she navigates it with ease, displaying a strong management style, attention to detail, and the ability to foster a collaborative spirit among staff members.' As Student Council Secretary, Payton advocates for her peers for various stakeholders, always looking to leave this community better than when she arrived. Suffice it to say, Payton has led in the Upper School with grace, presence, humility, and courage, and I have no doubt we will hear of much more impact in the years to come."  

Josie Arbuckle
Recipient of the Bernard L. Fulton Award, the highest honor given in the Upper School and is presented to the senior who best embodies the mission and core values of Greenhill School. The award is named for the founder and first Head of Greenhill School.

"'Unparalleled spirit of generosity, compassion, and determination.' Josie not only excels in many parts of our community, but she does so with the respect and admiration of peers and adults alike. In academics, Josie uses her collaborative prowess in group settings to create a welcoming environment. One teacher wrote, 'The energy Josie puts out into the world is steady, focused, and intentional… she stands out as a leader, weaving her thoughts and those of her peers together into a beautiful tapestry. Josie's classmates listen attentively because they know that she is also listening with great interest to what they share.' In addition to the academic weaves of the tapestry, Josie has been a respected leader: co-vice president of the senior class, co-president of the Christian Student Coalition, and captain of the SPC champion swim team, on which she achieved nine school records in her career. There is no clearer embodiment of our mission and core values than Josie, who brings heart and soul to everything she does.  

Helen Fulton Award
The Helen Fulton Award is named in honor of Helen Fulton, founding faculty member and wife of Greenhill’s founder, Bernard Fulton. Helen Fulton was a life-long learner, exemplary citizen, and a well-rounded, balanced individual. This award is unique in that seniors nominate their peers who they believe embody these characteristics, and the winners are chosen by a faculty vote. Fourteen students were chosen to receive this award.

  • Pearce Barnes
  • Mason Chow
  • Susannah Fagelman
  • Sanjna Kalisetty
  • Jadon Lee
  • Seth Lee
  • Iyad Mohammed
  • Anika Mootha
  • Shreya Ram
  • Sophie Schwartz
  • Natalie Stachowiak
  • Jnana Velamuri
  • Ravi Vasan
  • Ellis Yang

Note: All quotes are from Head of Upper School Trevor Worcester’s introductions at the Class of 2024 Recognition Ceremony.


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