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The Design & Innovation Program at Greenhill brings together a proven approach to innovation, exceptional resources in the Rosa O. Valdes STEM + Innovation Center, and leaders with industry experience as we encourage our students to discover the unexpected and embrace complexity. 

Greenhill's Approach to Innovation

At Greenhill, innovation occurs at the intersection of human-centered need, technical feasibility, and business viability or sustainability. This three-lens framework guides students in identifying meaningful problems to solve and create novel and functional solutions. Fortune 500 companies such as P&G, SC Johnson, and Texas Instruments pioneered this type of approach to problem solving. 


The Human-Centered Design lens is about solving the right problems.  Students learn the industry-standard approach of using ethnographic research to deliver impactful solutions.

Technical Feasibility
In the second lens, technical feasibility, students learn how to leverage technical skills from basic hand tools to 3D modeling and 3D printing, software development, hardware and sensor integration, machine vision and artificial intelligence to solve identified problems.

Business Viability
Through the third lens, solutions are sustainable or have an adoptable business model that works for the people for which it is designed. Students are taught how to assess market size, build cash flow analyses, and create business plans and pitch decks.

What we’re talking about

Students produce work for class or for companies at a professional level, receiving guidance from faculty with industry experience. Their projects become key portfolio pieces, preparing them for college and future success.

Hear from our students as they share about Greenhill's Design & Innovation program.

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