Greenhill Students Excel at TSJCL Area Competition

Fifty-four Middle School Junior Classical League members participated in the Area C JCL competition at Richardson High School on February 24. These dedicated students put in tremendous effort to prepare for their contests, investing time both at home and during after-school practices. 

In addition to all the ribbons in academic, art, and civilization contests (listed below), our Intermediate Certamen team (Latin Quiz Bowl) won first place against Upper School teams and will represent the DFW area at State in April.  

Hannah Beckman ’30 – Decathlon, first place; Sight Reading, fourth place
Nate Brophy ’30 – Grammar, second place
Max Carona ’30 – Mythology, third place; Classical Art, second place
Colette Fredston ’30 – Mythology, first place
Beckett Fuller ’30 – Models, first place; Roman History (Empire), second place; Ancient Geography, third place
Eric Guo ’30 – Roman History (Empire), first place; Greek History, second place
Saamya Malladi ’30 – Greek Derivatives, first place; Sight Reading, second place
Giules Mercurio ’30 – Reading Comprehension, first place; Watercolor or Pastel, fourth place
Sara Mishra ’30 – Latin Oratory, first place; Reading Comprehension, second place
Lily Moore ’30 – Dramatic Interpretation – Niobe, second place; Vocabulary, second place
Abby Thomas ’30 – Roman Life, fourth place
Zayla Yousuf ’30 – Dramatic Interpretation – Niobe, first place; Latin Derivatives, fourth place

Safa Ashraf ’29 – Latin Oratory, fourth place
Aahil Chaudhry ’29 – Mythology, second place
Abe Glazer ’29 – Roman History (Empire), first place; Ancient Geography, second place
Alice Huang ’29 – Classical Art, first place; Greek Life & Literature, first place; Monochromatic Drawing, second place
Evan Huang ’29 – Greek History, first place
Miles Hulme ’29 – Decathlon, third place
Rishaan Jain ’29 – Mythology, third place
Amrita Madhavanur ’29 – Dramatic Interpretation 2, first place
Ellen Mapes ’29 – Sight Recitation, first place; Monochromatic Drawing, fourth place
Aarav Nesargi ’29 – Latin Literature, first place; Mythology, fifth place    
Aashi Punnam ’29 – Greek Derivatives, fourth place
Olivia Rosenfeldt ’29 – Sight Recitation, third place
Max Rudnicki ’29 – Roman History, third place
Harper Spellicy ’29 – Dramatic Interpretation 1, second place
Carrie Wang ’29 – Decathlon, second place; Monochromatic Drawing, third place
Nyle Yousuf ’29 – Latin Oratory, first place; Mosaics, first place

Gitanjali Agastya ’28 – Latin Literature, first place; Polychromatic Drawing, first place
Cindy Chou ’28 – Oil or Acrylic, first place; Classical Art, third place
Ansh Gandhi ’28 – Latin Derivatives, first place; Ancient Geography, first place; Traditional Photography, first place; Intermediate Certamen, first place
Adam Haq ’28 – Decathlon, third place
Wilson Heeringa ’28 – Dramatic Interpretation, second place; Greek History, third place
Arhaan Iyer ’28 – Dramatic Interpretation, first place; Poster, second place; Classical Art, fourth place
Ayaana Joshi ’28 – Dramatic Interpretation, first place; Poster, first place; Electronic Art, third place; Cartoon, third place
Tomal Khan ’28 – Grammar, first place; Reading Comprehension, first place; Intermediate Certamen, first place
Connor Kim ’28 – Greek Derivatives, first place; Intermediate Certamen, first place; Roman Life, second place
Rishi Kumbhani ’28 – Mottoes, first place; Intermediate Certamen, first place; Illustrated Quote, third place
Arman Makhani ’28 – Roman History (Republic), first place;     Intermediate Certamen, first place
Annelies Nijhawan ’28 – Latin Literature, second place; Traditional Photography, second place; Mixed Media, fourth place
Khushi Punnam ’28 – Greek Life & Literature, first place; English Oratory, second place
Donald Rice ’28 – Computer-Enhanced Photography, fourth place; Latin Oratory, fifth place
Dylan Shah ’28 – Mottoes, third place; Traditional Photography, third place; Sight Reading, fifth place
Evan Tsai ’28 – Latin Oratory, first place
Renee Tse ’28 – Classical Art, first place; Vocal Solo, second place; Watercolor or Pastel, third place
Lucas Zhu ’28 – Greek History, first place; Greek Life & Literature, second place

We are so proud of all these students for their accomplishments!

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