Greenhill Student Recognized by Best-Selling Author

Late last year, Greenhill sixth-grade students submitted letters to authors as part of Letters About Literature Texas, an annual statewide reading and writing contest where students select a fiction or nonfiction book, book series, essay, play, poem, short story, or speech to write a letter to the author explaining how the work changed their view of themselves or the world.

Catherine Manna, MS English teacher and department chair, also encourages the students to send these letters to the author. Garrett Clark ’29 decided to follow her suggestion and sent his two-page letter to author Dave Eggers.

In this heartfelt note, Garrett underscores the lasting impact Dave Eggers’s book The Lifters had on him as a young reader. A few weeks later, Garrett received not only a personal, hand-written letter from Eggers, but he also received a hard-cover copy of an as-of-yet-released new novel, The Eyes & the Impossible.

Way to go Garrett! Keep up the great work!

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