Greenhill Debate TFA State 2022 Results

The Greenhill Debate Team recently returned from the Texas Forensic Association State Championships, held at Gregory Portland High School, where they won three State Championships in Policy Debate, World Schools Debate, and a Top Speaker award in World Schools Debate. En route to the state title in Policy Debate, the team of Krish Mysoor '24 and Shruti Siva '22 defeated the first, second, and fourth seed out of the preliminary rounds. Mysoor and Siva defeated a team from Liberal Arts and Science Academy in the final round. In World Schools Debate, the team of Caroline Greenstone '22, Aimee Stachowiak '22, Cameron Kettles '22, Ashley Shan '22, and Ashton Higgins '22 were the tournament's top seed in preliminary rounds. They did not lose a ballot in elimination rounds, winning a unanimous decision in the final round over Northland Christian School from Houston.
Congratulations to all the students on the Greenhill Debate Team!
Policy Debate
Champions – Shruti Siva '22 and Krish Mysoor '24
Quarterfinals – Teja Mettu '23 and Varsha Gande '22
8th Speaker – Shruti Siva '22
World Schools Debate
Champions – Caroline Greenstone '22, Aimee Stachowiak '22, Cameron Kettles '22, Ashley Shan '22, and Ashton Higgins '22
Octofinalist – Jeannette Yang ’24. Emily Hu '24, Natalie Stachowiak '24, Sophia
Octofinalist – Kaden Alibhai '24, Carcyn Coleman '23, Vivaan Gupta '24, Sophia Mohamed '23, and Nate Stitt '23
World Schools Debate Speaker Awards
Top Speaker – Caroline Greenstone '22
3rd Speaker – Ashton Higgins '22
5th Speaker – Ashley Shan '22
6th Speaker – Nate Stitt '23
7th Speaker – Cameron Kettles '22
8th Speaker – Jeannette Yang '24
9th Speaker – Carcyn Coleman '23
Lincoln Douglas Debate
Double Octofinals – Krutin Devesh '22
Double Octofinals – Nikitha Thoduguli '23
10th Speaker – Krutin Devesh '22

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