Greenhill Debate Students Qualify for TFA State Tournament

The Texas Forensic Association State tournament is one of the largest and most competitive in the United States, averaging 1500 students competing from 300 schools. Schools of all sizes, both public and private, earn the right to compete at the state tournament by earning points based on successful outings throughout the year. This year marks the 50th anniversary of TFA State, and the competition will be held on March 9-12, 2022.

Several students have earned the right to compete at the TFA State tournament already with several other students on the cusp of doing so, based on results from two upcoming TFA qualifying tournaments. This will be the largest contingent of Greenhill Debate students who will attend the state tournament. 

Please congratulate these students when you see them:
Krutin Devesh ‘22 
Varsha Gande ‘22 
Caroline Greenstone ‘22 
Ashton Higgins ‘22 
Cameron Kettles ‘22 
Ashley Shan ‘22 
Shruti Siva ‘22 
Aimee Stachowiak ‘22 
Carcyn Coleman ‘23 
Isabel Martinez ‘23 
Ramateja Mettu ‘23 
Sophia Mohamed ‘23 
Madison Rojas ‘23 
Nate Stitt ‘23 
Nikitha Thoduguli ‘23 
Kaden Alibhai ‘24 
Abeera Amer ‘24 
Reyna Diamond ‘24 
Vivaan Gupta ‘24 
Emily Hu ‘24 
Angela Kamgang ‘24 
Sophia Li ‘24 
Krish Mysoor ‘24 
Michelle Phu ‘24 
Pooja Sanghvi ‘24 
Natalie Stachowiak ‘24 
Jeannette Yang ‘24 
Saida Bidiwala ‘25 
Varun Mukund ‘25 
Aditi Vikram ‘25 
Sherry Zhang ‘25 

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