Greenhill Photography Students Awarded in Exhibitions and Competitions

Last semester, Greenhill Middle School and Upper School Photography students submitted their work to contests and exhibitions, resulting in honors and awards from prestigious international, national, and state organizations. Below are highlights from the competitions.
YoungArts is the preeminent contest hosted by the National Foundation for the Arts. Students submit a portfolio of 10 images with a supporting artist statement. The students who received awards this year are repeat winners from last year, and they are lifetime alumni of the YoungArts Foundation, where they will receive support for their ongoing involvement in the arts.
YoungArts Awards
Travis Mann ‘22, Honorable Mention 
Ashley Shan ‘22, Merit Award 
Texas Photo Society International Student Photo Exhibition
The Texas Photo Society International Student Photo Exhibition is a k-12 international open call exhibition. The exhibition is divided into three categories: People & Portraits, Travel & Place, and Athletics & Sports. Forty images were chosen from thousands of entries.
People & Portraits
Eliana Campbell ‘24, Honorable Mention 
Travel & Place
Noah Gould ‘22, Honorable Mention
Travis Mann ‘22, Honorable Mention
2021 Drexel University High School Photography Contest
Drexel University hosted a national open call contest for all high school students in the United States. Submissions to the contest will culminate in an exhibition at the Drexel Photography Gallery and online. 
Contest Winner
Eliana Campbell ’24
Association of Texas Photographic Instructors Fall Contest
The Association of Texas Photographic Instructors hosted the International Fall Contest for Middle School and Upper School students. The contest had more than 4,800 entries from 101 Schools in eight states and Guam.
Advanced - Animals
Mason Chow ‘24, Honorable Mention for two submissions 
Advanced - Formal Portrait
Johrdyn Tarpeh ‘22, Honorable Mention 
Advanced - Informal Portrait
Sherry Tang ‘22, Honorable Mention
Advanced - Landscape
Travis Mann ‘22, Honorable Mention
Advanced - Nature
Travis Mann ‘22, 1st Honorable Mention 
Advanced - Open
Travis Mann ‘22, Honorable Mention
Advanced - Time Exposure
Travis Mann ‘22, 2nd and 3rd Place
Advanced - Thematic
Kate Henderson ‘22, Honorable Mention 
K-8/Beginning - Cell Phone/Smartphone
Marley Martinez ‘26, Honorable Mention 
K-8/Beginning - Digital Constructed Image
Kendall Johnson ‘26, Honorable Mention
K-8/Beginning - Landscape
Sophie Carruthers ’26, Honorable Mention  
Adam Strauss ‘26, Honorable Mention  
K-8/Beginning - Open
Marley Martinez ’26, 2nd Place
Charlie Waldman ‘26, 1st Honorable Mention
Congratulations to all these students on their artistic achievements and selection in these contests!

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