Quiz Bowl Teams Compete in TQBA Lone Star Tip Off

Greenhill students competed in the Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance Lone Star Tip Off. Eighty-one teams competed in the tournament from twenty-nine schools from across the country. The nine teams represented Greenhill in three divisions: Uber, Lyft, and Elementary. All but one of the teams advanced to the playoffs.
The Uber Division is open to all grades, designed for advanced teams that want to qualify for nationals. Greenhill teams A, B, and C competed in this division. Greenhill A defeated Challenger-Strawberry Park A in a tightly contested final that went all the way to the final toss-up. Congratulations on this hard-fought victory!
Greenhill B competed with three players for the entire tournament, and they were scheduled exclusively against A teams from major programs. They kept most of the matches competitive and scored a huge win over Basis McLean A out of Washington D.C.
Greenhill C started the day with an impressive win over St. Mark’s B, and they advanced to the playoffs with a record of 3-2-1. They competed in a fierce match against Challenger-Strawberry Park A, the eventual runner-up, and were able to secure almost 200 points against this national contender.
The Lyft Division is also open to all grades, designed for teams that are not as advanced. Greenhill D competed in this division.
Greenhill D featured two new players and finished regulation with a 4-2 record. As the tenth seed, they defeated both Adams E and St. Anthony of Padua.
The Elementary Division is open to only 5th and 6th graders. Greenhill teams E, F, G, H, and I all competed in this division.
Greenhill E entered the playoffs as the undefeated, first seed, and they advanced to the semi-finals. Their match with Colvin Run Elementary went all the way to the final toss-up.
Greenhill F competed on the other side of the playoff bracket as the number two seed, and they advanced to the finals. Again, they contested a close match with Colvin Run, but the final toss-up went the other way.
Greenhill G finished regulation with a record of 5-1, and they defeated two strong teams to earn a spot in the semi-final round. There they faced Greenhill F, which was the only time Greenhill faced Greenhill during the playoffs.
Greenhill H rallied to win their final match in regulation, bringing their record up to 4-2 and earning a spot in the playoffs. They did a great job in their playoff match against Basis Austin D.
Greenhill I started the day with a 1-2 record, but they successfully rallied to win the last three matches of regulation, earning a spot in the playoffs with a 4-2 record. In the first round of the playoffs, they were within 15 points of defeating Kinkaid D, the only team to defeat Colvin Run today. It was an impressive performance, especially for a team with four debuting players.
Please join us in congratulating these students:
Greenhill A
Maya Jagsi '26
Aaron Kuang '26
Kate Ponnambalam '26
Evans Senvalds '26
Greenhill B
Hasan Makhani '26
Vijay Naidu '26
Tarik Syed '26
Greenhill C
Naomi Huang '27
Lydia Kerridge '27
Henry Lipnik '27
Vikram Sampath '27
Greenhill D
Akash Bose '27
Sophie Cho '27
Remi Joseph '26
Dylan Millimet '26
Noora Qureshi '27
Vedant Subramanian '26
Greenhill E
Cannon Beatey '28
Ansh Gandhi '28
Wilson Heeringa '28
Bryan Kuang '28
Arman Makhani '28
Gabe Torres '28
Greenhill F
Gitanjali Agastya '28
Tim Csallner '28
Evan Huang '29
Tomal Khan '28
Adam Tawil '29
Lucas Zhu '28
Greenhill G
Reian Ghelani '28
Connor Kim '28
Dylan Shah '28
Finley Tran '28
Evan Tsai '28
Greenhill H
Lekha Chavala '29
Blake Clark '29
Drake Clark '29
Oliver Huang '29
Sana Oblumpally '29
Greenhill I
Adam Haq '28
Yunus Mohammed '28
Ayaan Patel '28
Donald Rice '28
Philip Turner '28
Sophia Wang '28

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