Greenhill Debate Triumphs at Newman Smith Tournament

Congratulations to the Greenhill Speech and Debate students who competed in the Newman Smith Tournament!
Three Greenhill teams entered the World Schools Debate event: Greenhill Green, Greenhill Peacocks, and Greenhill Hornets. The Greenhill Green team were the tournament champions! From these teams, Greenhill Debate students won six of the top-10 individual speakers in the tournament. Cameron Kettles ’22 earned first in the top individual speaker award. This finish also qualifies Caroline Greenstone '22 and Ashton Higgins '22 for the Texas Forensic Association State Tournament.
In Varsity Lincoln Douglas, Greenhill had five of the top-10 individual speakers in the division. Varsha Gande ’22 was both the tournament champion and first individual speaker. In novice Lincoln Douglas Debate, Greenhill had two of the top individual speakers. Two Greenhill Students advanced to the quarterfinals and took second and third in individual speakers in the Policy Debate event.
World Schools Debate Team
Greenhill Green: tournament champions!
Caroline Greenstone '22
Ashton Higgins '22
Cameron Kettles ’22
Ashley Shan ’22
Aimee Stachowiak ’22
Greenhill Peacocks: semifinalists
Emily Hu '24
Sophia Li '24
Pooja Sanghvi '24
Natalie Stachowiak '24
Jeannette Yang '24
Greenhill Hornets: quarterfinalists
Abeera Amer ’24
Saida Bidiwala ’25
Varun Mukund ’25
Aditi Vikram ‘25
Shery Zhang ’25
Top Individual Speakers Awards:
Cameron Kettles ’22, first
Ashley Shan ’22, second
Aimee Stachowiak ’22, third
Sophia Li '24, fourth
Pooja Sanghvi '24, fifth
Caroline Greenstone '22, seventh
Lincoln Douglas Debate (Varsity)
Varsha Gande ’22, tournament champion and first individual speaker
Krutin Devesh ’22, semifinalist and second individual speaker
Nikitha Thoduguli ’23, quarterfinalist and fifth individual speaker
Adam Kesselman ’24, quarterfinalist and ninth individual speaker
Emma Nguyen ’24, octofinalist
Campbell Scheer ’24, tenth individual speaker
Lincoln Douglas Debate (Novice)
Sarah Koshy ’26, quarterfinalist and fourth individual speaker
Lucas Wang ’26, eighth individual speaker
Policy Debate
Isabell Martinez ’23, quarterfinalist and second individual speaker
Madison Rojas ’23, quarterfinalist and third individual speaker

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