Photography Students Shine in International & National Competitions

Greenhill Middle & Upper School students were recently honored at both the national and state levels for their work in photography. Below are highlights from the various competitions.
National YoungArts Foundation
Senior Josh Flowers won the Level 1 Award at the National YoungArts Contest and is now considered an alumnus of YoungArts. The Greenhill senior recently underwent the second round of competition, which is done virtually instead of the week-long experience in Miami. Flowers will receive a monetary award and will receive professional guidance/opportunities during his professional career.
2020 International Student Competition
Five Greenhill juniors were honored at the 2020 International Student Competition, which is hosted by the Texas Photographic Society - one of the largest photographic societies in the world. Congratulations to the following award winners in this international competition.
People & Portraits
1st Place: Skylar Smith ‘22
2nd Place: Charlotte Brown ‘22
Honorable Mention: Ashley Shan ‘22
Placement: Kate Henderson ‘22
Placement: Ashley Shan ‘22
Association of Texas Photographic Instructors National Contest
Greenhill Middle & Upper School students all earned honors at the Association of Texas Photographic Instructors National Contest, which saw over 4,500 entries from 93 schools across the nation. Please congratulate the following students:
Beginner - MS Architecture
Winston Black: Honorable Mention (Shadows on Concrete)
Beginner - MS Formal Portrait
Eleanor Faems - Honorable Mention (Colored Screens)
Beginner - MS Informal Portrait
Chloe Nguyen - Honorable Mention (My Best Bud)
Beginner - MS Landscape
Zoe Gillen-Malveaux: Honorable Mention (Antelope Canyon)
Evie Kwei: Honorable Mention (Beach)
Beginner/MS Nature
Cassie Rosa: Honorable Mention (The Mushroom Forest)
Beginner/MS Open
Gigi Melucci: Honorable Mention (Rain)
Beginner/MS Still Life
Cassie Rosa: Honorable Mention (The Old Telephone)
Beginner/MS Travel
Dani Hallack: Honorable Mention (Mont Blanc Adventures)
ADV Animals
Mason Chow: Honorable Mention (Sea Lion Eating)
ADV Digital Constructed Image
Campbell Barton: Honorable Mention (Social Spoon)
Sonia Dhingra: Honorable Mention (Split)
ADV Street Photo
Cameron Russ: Honorable Mention (Veteran)
ADV Fashion
Olivia Kim: Honorable Mention (Free)
Olivia Kim: Honorable Mention (Overcast)
ADV Studio Portrait
Olivia Kim: Honorable Mention (Into the Wind)
ADV Informal Portrait
Charlotte Brown: Honorable Mention (Drowning)
ADV Open
Charlotte Brown: 1st Place (Suffocate)
Skylar Smith: Honorable Mention (Hoops)
ADV Portfolio
Sonia Dhingra: Honorable Mention (Family)
ADV Still Life
Mason Chow: Honorable Mention (Fishing Hook)
Pearce Barnes: Honorable Mention (Ropes)

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