Greenhill to Say Goodbye to Dr. Karen Bradberry

Greenhill Families,
I hope that you have all had restful spring breaks. Today’s news, while it offers a break from our COVID-19 updates, is bittersweet. I’m writing today to share that Director of Equity and Inclusion Karen Bradberry has accepted the position of Chief DEI Officer of the Galloway School in Atlanta, Georgia, effective July 1, 2020. Karen’s expertise as a diversity, equity, and inclusion educator, her strong affiliations within the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and her administrative experience will make her an ideal leader for Galloway, which, like Greenhill, has a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Karen has long been recognized as one of the leading diversity practitioners in the nation, playing a pivotal role in the planning of the annual People of Color Conference (POCC), serving as a faculty member of the Diversity Leadership Institute, and contributing to multiple publications, including NAIS’ Diversity Work in Independent Schools. More recently, Karen has used her expertise to facilitate DEI conferences for INDEX, a national consortium of independent schools, and ISAS. She has also traveled to schools across the country to consult and to facilitate workshops to help improve and strengthen nascent DEI programs.
Greenhill has had the benefit of Karen’s expertise twice during her career. Karen first came to Greenhill in 2000 as a Middle School English teacher and later transitioned into the role of DEI Director. Over the course of the next nine years, she transformed how the School viewed, discussed, and implemented diversity practices. In 2014, Karen returned to Greenhill after spending five years leading the Future Leaders Program in Dallas, where she remained connected to independent schools by helping to build relationships between them and DISD.
Over the last six years, Karen has continued to expand and strengthen Greenhill’s DEI program, continuing to tackle emerging DEI topics. Her insight and influence have touched every part of Greenhill, from administrative polices like the School’s nondiscrimination statements to the implementation of culturally competent teaching practices. Karen has expanded the presence of affinity groups across all divisions, and she has built a talented team of DEI coordinators to engage in DEI work at each divisional level. In addition, she’s partnered with the Director of Social and Emotional Learning and Wellness to implement faculty and parent training around implicit bias, played a key role in our Community Conversations program, and served as a trusted DEI resource here on campus.
It will be hard to say goodbye to Karen, a close and trusted colleague, teammate, and friend. From before my time as a Greenhill employee, I have relied on Karen to provide me with a clear-eyed view of the School and its history, as well as the legacy of this work at Greenhill and what the School could become if we wholly commit to building upon it. No one sees the School more clearly than Karen, no one loves ALL Greenhill people more than she does, and no one has a more difficult job. For most of the last two decades, she has carried our burdens and made them her own, and she has done it with her whole heart. The important role she has played in creating the Greenhill we know today cannot be overstated.
We will immediately start a national search for Karen’s successor, and we will let you know once we have identified our next Director of Equity and Inclusion. I will miss Karen’s unique perspective and thoughtful contributions as a member of the administrative team and the greater Greenhill community. Please join me in congratulating Karen on this next phase of her career. We will celebrate Karen’s contributions to Greenhill in the months to come.
Lee J. Hark
Head of School

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