Greenhill Heroes on the Front Lines

We are proud to acknowledge and highlight members of the Greenhill parent and alumni communities who are on the front lines of COVID-19, actively fighting this pandemic in their professions. We are highlighting one “Greenhill Hero” per week on social media, and we are continuing to collect information about community members to celebrate and express gratitude.
Please email Emily Wilson with names of people who are making a difference in this global fight. We are grateful to share the stories of those who are serving healthcare and community industries in these unprecedented times.

Mamta K. Jain

Mamta and Rajeev Jain are the parents of Anand Jain ’20. Dr. Mamta Jain is a professor of internal medicine at UT Southwestern and has been featured multiple times in the Dallas Morning News. She is running clinical trials to test experimental drugs for FDA approval. She is currently investigating a drug that was used to fight the Ebola virus. As reported in the DMN, she said, “Preliminary evidence suggests it can reduce the novel coronavirus’s ability to replicate. “We can’t push the panic button,” Jain said. “I want to be involved in trying to collect data for a cure, because that’s how we can solve the problem.”
Read the full articles here: Researchers race to find coronavirus treatments (DMN) and New clinical trials bring potential COVID-19 treatments to North Texas (DMN)

Her husband, gastroenterologist Dr. Rajeev Jain is also re-organizing his daily practice, poised for future help with covid-19 patients. He was featured in the New York Times here


Robert Gottlieb

Greenhill parent Dr. Robert Gottlieb, father of first-grader Aaron, is principal investigator of Baylor’s active COVID-19 treatment trials and was featured in the Dallas Morning News in late March. As reported by the DMN, he said, “This is a situation where we’re trying to develop a therapy for our community because all of us, even as health care providers or health care researchers, may be patients at one point in time,” said Dr. Robert Gottlieb, a cardiologist and principal investigator of Baylor’s active COVID-19 treatment trials. “It really creates this sense of urgency, yet at the same time you can’t be rushed or lose objectivity.
Click here to read the full article.


Eric Johnson '94

We salute the leadership of our alumnus Mayor Eric Johnson ’94 for his compassionate management of the COVID-19 response in our City of Dallas. He has thoughtfully and carefully integrated scientific information and statistics in his daily transparent communication. Last week on April 16 at 7:00pm, the entire city stood up and cheered for our frontline workers. See #DFWOvation. Mayor Johnson said, “We are going through tough times right now, but I’m extremely proud of this city and our first responders—our nurses, doctors, everyone who is helping to keep people safe right now. We are in this together.” You can also read more about Mayor Johnson in our recently published Hill magazine featuring our Year of Discovery (p.52). Thank you Mayor Eric Johnson for your leadership in these uncertain times.


Laura Staub '01

Laura & Blake Staub '01 are the parents of second-grader Grant, kindergartener Nathan, and future pre-kindergartener Andrew. Both are physicians serving the healthcare community during these uncertain and unprecedented times. Laura advises everyone to follow protocol and avoid risk. “Protecting myself as an anesthesiologist now means wearing an N95, a second mask with face shield, two scrub hats, a gown, double gloves and shoe covers...for every single intubation and extubation. I am proud to serve alongside my fellow healthcare workers during this pandemic.
Please #stayhomeforussowecanbehereforyou.


Chase Feiger '07

Chase Feiger ’07
As reported in late March in Fox Business, Dr. Chase Feiger weighed in on the benefits of telemedicine during this time of fighting a pandemic. Founder of many startups including RxDefine, Dr. Feiger says telemedicine is helping to keep non-coronavirus patients out of hospitals, urgent care facilities and clinical offices. According to Feiger, telemedicine offers a significant cost savings to the healthcare facilities at a time when resources need to be allocated for emergencies. It also offers convenience to patients to continue to practice social distancing. Click here to watch the full interview..


Mackenzie Naert '10

Mackenzie '10 is a fourth year medical student at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City who will be beginning residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in June. Mackenzie is a member of her medical school's COVID task force, a group of students working within the hospital system to meet urgent needs. "I have been helping with the personal protective equipment (PPE) effort at the hospital to ensure that healthcare providers have the PPE they need to care for the increasing number of patients with COVID-19. My specific role has been fitting healthcare workers for a new model of N95 mask. While I am not yet a doctor, I am glad there are ways I can support the providers as they work tirelessly to save as many lives as possible."

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