Seniors Present STARS Summer Research Projects

Three Greenhill seniors spent the summer working with the STARS (Science Teacher Access to Resources at Southwestern) Program and discussed their research projects at Upper School Community Time this past week.
Below are the seniors that presented and a quick summary of their summer project.
Caplan worked in the Gene Therapy Lab that specializes in Pediatric Neurological Disorders. In the lab, Caplan's work centered around the Adeno-Associated Viruses and the ability to more efficiently and effectively target the central nervious system. Her work entailed the characterization of new viruses to determine their potential as gene therapy vehicles in the future.
Gande spent the summer attempting to establish the link between loss of Hedgehog ligand and reactive oxygen species levels in lung adenocarcinoma. He participated in two experiments involving measuring ROS levels with a yH2AX (marker of DNA damage from ROS) antibody stain in the lungs of mice with and without Hedgehog as well as optimizing pimonidazole (hypoxia marker) staining in normal mouse lungs.
Thompson worked closely with Dr. John Hulleman in the Department of Ophthalmology. Her research focused on developing tools to control the PERK branch of the Unfolded Protein Response in cells through the utilization of up-regulated transcription factors. With these tools, the hope is to be able to target and treat various eye diseases.

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