Debate Teams Shine at National Speech & Debate Association Tournament

The Greenhill Debate Teams posted outstanding results at the 2019 National Speech & Debate Association Tournament, which was held in Dallas, where both teams came away with School of Honor accolades.
The tournament is the largest academic competition in the world with approximately over 10,000 participants in both the High School and Middle School divisions. In addition, students from all over the country as well as international teams from Argentina, Canada, China, Guam, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam all competed in this year's tournament.
Greenhill, which ran its streak to 33 consecutive years qualifying for the tournament, had students advance in all three Debate Divisions in both High School and Middle School.
Cameron Kettles '22
5th place Speaker in World Schools Debate (out of nearly 1000 contestants)
Mihir Rai '19
7th place in Lincoln Douglas Debate (out of over 200 competitors)
Christine Wu '19 and Nicole Stachowiak '20
Double-Octos World Schools Debate (undefeated and third-preliminary seed out of nearly 200 teams)
Caroline Greenstone '22, Cameron Kettles '22, Jothi Gupta '22, Aimee Stachowiak '22, Ashley Shan '22
Triple-Octos World Schools Debate (25th seed out of nearly 200 teams)
Sheena Kwon '21 and Kelly Meng '21
Policy Debate - Elimination Rounds (top 64 out of over 200 teams)
Nikitha Thoduguli '23
2nd place Speaker in World Schools Debate
Natalie Stachowiak '24
3rd place Speaker in World Schools Debate
Pooja Sanghvi '24
5th place Speaker in World Schools Debate
Nikitha Thoduguli '23, Valerie Xu '23, and Natalie Stachowiak '23
3rd place in World Schools Debate
Kaden Alibhai '24, Pooja Sanghvi '24, and Varun Mukund '24
Quarter-finals in World Schools Debate
Shreeya Madhavanur '23 and Madison Rojas '23
Quarter-finals in Policy Debate
Madison Rojas '23
4th place Speaker Award in Policy Debate
Hannah Zhou '23
Octo-finals in Lincoln Douglas Debate
Ramateja Metta '23
Double-Octos in Lincoln Douglas Debate
Megan Liu '23
Quarter-finals in both Poetry and Prose

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