Greenhill Goes Global Poetry Contest Winners Announced

This spring, the Greenhill Goes Global Committee organized a Poetry Contest to support the upcoming Greenhill Goes Global event that will be held next Friday, April 5. All students were invited to participate, and 27 poems were entered in the contest. Below is a list of the this year's winners.
1st Grade
1st place: Nikita Kumar
2nd place: Jennifer Regal
3rd place: Nathan Brophy
4th place: Beckett Potter
2nd grade
1st place: Daniella Antypas
2nd place: Tamara Podolsky
3rd place: Amrita Madhavanur
4th place: Adam Tawil
3rd grade
1st place: Krish Shah
4th grade
1st place: Noora Qureshi
2nd place: Eva Tu

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