MS/US Band Members Earn Recognition from TPSMEA and ATSSB

MS/US Band Members Earn Recognition from TPSMEA and ATSSB Greenhill Middle and Upper School band members were recently honored by the Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) and Association of Texas Small Schools Bands (ATSSB).
Eight Upper School band members earned TPSMEA All-State Concert Band laurels and will now join the TPSMEA All-State Jazz Band and All-State Orchestra members for a clinic and concert this January in Richardson. The TPSMEA is comprised of private, parochial, and homeschool students across the State of Texas.
Scott Wang '19 – flute
Pulkit Gupta '19 – French horn
Melinda Xu '20 – flute
Anagha Gouru '21 – French horn
Krutin Devesh '22 – bassoon
Katherine Li '22 – piccolo
Timmy Nadolsky '22 – bass clarinet
Kaden Nathani '22 – alto sax
In the ATSSB competition, 15 band members were selected to the All-Region Band and six Upper School students will have an opportunity to audition for a chair in the ATSSB All-State Band. The students who were selected to the ATSSB All-Region Band will participate in a clinic and concert in January in Melissa. The ATSSB is comprised of public and private school students who attend 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A-sized schools (based upon enrollment).
High School All-Region Band
Pulkit Gupta '19 – Symphonic Band, 1st chair French horn (qualifies for 3A AREA)
Scott Wang '19 – Symphonic Band, 3rd chair flute (qualifies for 4A AREA)
Sana Jaleel '20 – Concert Band, 12th chair clarinet
Kaethe Thomas '20 – Concert Band, 10th chair clarinet
Melinda Xu '20 – Symphonic Band, 5th chair flute
Krutin Devesh '22 – Symphonic Band, 1st chair bassoon (qualifies for 4A AREA)
Anagha Gouru '21 – Symphonic Band, 3rd chair French horn (qualifies for 3A AREA)
Katherine Li '22 – Symphonic Band, 6th chair flute (qualifies for 3A AREA)
Timmy Nadolsky '22 – Symphonic Band, 2nd chair bass clarinet (qualifies for 3A AREA)
Kaden Nathani '22 – Concert Band, 3rd chair alto sax
Middle School All-Region Band
Ian Bock '23 – Concert Band, 8th chair trumpet
Hannah Zhou '23 – Symphonic Band, 4th chair trombone
Ayne Park '24 – Symphonic Band, 2nd chair flute
Shreya Ram '24 – Symphonic Band, 1st chair flute
Marina Richard '24 – Concert Band, 15th chair clarinet

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