MS/US Musicians Shine at Region 20 Orchestra Auditions

Greenhill Upper & Middle School musicians had an outstanding afternoon at the Region 20 Concert and Philharmonic Orchestra auditions.
Please congraluate the following students:
Upper School
Pranav Mukund '22 - 2nd Violin (Principal - raw violin rank of 5th)
Theo Johnson '21 - 1st Violin (5th Chair)
Jordan Wartell '19 - 2nd Violin (8th Chair)
Robert Gao '19 - 2nd Violin (9th Chair)
Kaylee Chien '21 - 2nd Violin (18th Chair)
Emily Ding '22 - 2nd Violin (20th Chair)
Ashley Shan '22 - Viola (12th Chair)
Angela An '22 - Cello (8th Chair)
Concert Orchestra
Amanda Park '25 - Viola (19th chair)
Evie Kwei '25 - Cello (15th Chair)
Asha Blewett '25 - Bass (7th Chair)
Philharmonic Orchestra
Varun Mukund '25 - Concertmaster (First Violin, 1st Chair)
Shreeya Madhavanur '23 - First Violin (3rd Chair)
Daniel Lee '24 - First Violin (13th Chair)
Alex Wetzler '24 - Second Violin (6th Chair)
David Lee '25 - Second Violin (9th Chair)
Sherry Zhang '25 - Cello (16th Chair)
Henderson Zhang '23 - Cello (21st Chair)
These students will assemble for three days of rehearsal in November with a guest conductor followed by a concert at Nimitz High School in Irving on December 1.

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