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Service learning is an incredibly important part of school because it teaches young people to recognize where they're needed and serve fearlessly.

Sharp Minds, Soft Hearts

What is service learning, and why does it matter? "In service learning, course material informs service and service informs academic dialogue and comprehension," explains Angela Woodson, Director of Service Learning & Community Service.
Students analyze essays written by Dallas' homeless population in one Upper School English class. History students support local political campaigns - canvassing neighborhoods while learning about voter registration and the process of fixing a pothole. Eighth graders team up with kindergarten buddies to service Meals on Wheels. They become competent mentors and valuable volunteers in the process.
Service learning is an incredibly important part of school because it teaches young people to recognize where they're needed and serve fearlessly with the knowledge that all people - even people in need - are just like you and me. Says Mrs. Rosenberg, "I watch our students, teachers and alumni put compassion into action all the time. Not for grades, not for extra credit, just because it makes a difference." That's powerful.


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  • Prekindergarten

    Pennies To Share to Show You Care
    The children host a special day during the year and sell their curriculum-related artwork and other projects for 100 pennies to parents, teachers and staff. The funds are used for counting and sorting and taken to the bank for a field trip to purchase designated items (stuffed animals, etc) for area agencies.
    Focus: Empathy, Sharing, Speaking Skills
  • Kindergarten

    Meals On Wheels with 8th grade
    Each Wednesday 4, Kindergarten & 4, 8th graders deliver meals approx 12 min. from campus.
    Focus: Hunger, Elderly, Kindness

Lower School

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  • Primer

    Environmental Project – Trees
    Students collect maple and oak seeds in the fall from trees around our campus. The seeds are used throughout the school year for various projects. In the spring, the seeds are planted and cared for until they grow independently as seedlings. When seeds are able to survive, they are given to the City of Addison.
    Focus: Environment, Respect
  • 1st Grade

    The children learn the correct ways to care for animals and are involved with a local (no-kill) animal shelter. Additionally, First Grade students assist with feeding of the campus peacocks.
    Focus: Humane Education, Animals, Kindness, Respect
  • 2nd Grade

    Birthday Party Project
    Understanding that all children do not have parties for their Birthday, children will help make birthday cards collect party supplies, and assemble favor bags throughout the year.
    Focus: Compassion, Kindness, Respect
  • 3rd Grade

    Hunger Project
    Prior to Thanksgiving, all subjects focus on helping others and a culminating project of making a dried bean soup mix. Students participate in activities in math (learning about the cost of food and how much you need of it), read and discuss books that tackle hunger, and watch videos that help give them an idea of what homelessness looks like and how children in particular are affected by it. These activities and discussions tie into our literacy classes through our read aloud, Barbara O’Connor’s, How to Steal the Dog. Science delves into their nutrition unit. These rich discussions help to paint a broad picture of the need that many people face and helps students to think about ways that they might be able to help people in need.
    Focus: Compassion, Respect, Empathy, Hunger
  • 4th Grade

    Veterans Project, Annual Aluminum Can Drive, Campus Recycling, Carpool Duty
    Utilizing the descriptive character word for the year, students consider the meaning of the word and how it relates to their life. In Social Studies, and whenever the opportunity arises, they identify examples of this trait and others that build character. Throughout Feb., students participate in a “How big is your heart?” challenge by collecting change to make a change in the life of veterans.
    Focus: Honor, Respect, Compassion, Veterans, Environment, Safety

Middle School

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  • 5th Grade

    Vogel Alcove
    Each advisory goes to this childcare center for the homeless to participate in a project. Drives are periodically associated with the trip. Following a brief tour, the agency decides on the project which is active and age appropriate.
    Focus: Homeless, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Respect, Teamwork
  • 6th Grade

    Monthly Can Food Drive (North Dallas Shared Ministries)
    Each advisory plans a canned food drive for the grade and then takes the food to the agency where they sort, and stock the shelves. They also take a tour and learn about all the other aspects of the agency.
    Focus: Hunger, Compassion, Empathy, Respect, Teamwork, Fiscal Responsibility
  • 7th Grade

    Animal Project
    Working with a local (no-kill) animal shelter, students will learn about the agency, provide grade level projects by advisory and visit the shelter regularly.
    Focus: Humane education, Animals, Kindness, Respect
  • 8th Grade

    Meals On Wheels with Kindergarten; Carter Caring Community Fund
    The eighth grade tours the Meals On Wheels facility and helps prepare for their holiday distribution event. CCCF: Fundraising throughout the year and then philanthropy discussion regarding dissemination of funds.
    Focus: Hunger, Elderly, Compassion, Respect, Leadership, Philanthropy, Teamwork

Upper School

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  • 9th - 12th Grades

    Various clubs sponsor special projects each month. There are all school drives, long-term projects and projects to specific needs of students planned throughout the year. All Upper School students are required to complete 48 hours of community service during their time at Greenhill.

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