Art Appreciation 101

Starting in PreK, Greenhill students begin their studies in creative movement and dance, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, and drama. During daily co-curricular classes, trained educators work with students to develop their skills, partnering closely with homeroom teachers to provide an integrated curriculum at each grade level.
First graders build simple machines using fruit as an artistic medium while fourth graders compose their own music on soprano recorder, ukulele, and percussion instruments. All students participate in everything from 3D printed art to choral music to self-portraiture to folk dance.
As they prepare to leave fourth grade, students are confident in their experience and ready to choose from the specialized performing and visual arts electives in Middle School and beyond.
"Greenhill art faculty members actively practice their crafts," said Terry Martin, Head of Fine Arts. "As a result, they're able to help students hone their skills, as well as understand - and participate in - the professional arts world here in Dallas and around the world. Each year, our students are routinely recognized for their talents and accomplishments in contests and in the annual ISAS Fine Arts Festival."
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