The Hornet Sports Association (HSA) serves to organize and facilitate the formation of youth sports teams for all Greenhill students who wish to play sports in grades prekindergarten - 6. Coordinated by the Greenhill Athletics Department and grade-level captain volunteers, the HSA strives to create teams in an inclusive and timely manner.

For spring 2023, HSA will create both highly competitive and recreational teams in fifth and sixth grades. The teams will be determined via tryouts before the registration period for each league. The tryouts will be administered by our program head varsity coaches. If there are enough participants to form two teams, then competitive and recreational teams will be established.

For prekindergarten – fourth grade, grade captains and families will identify teams, offering an opportunity for students to play with friends and form strong relationships.

Additional Hornet Sports Association Notes:

  • HSA relies on volunteer coaches, but Greenhill will facilitate the hiring of a coach if needed.
  • Greenhill facilities are made available for practices in conjunction with athletic department and rental needs.
  • Practice days, times, and league choice are determined by the coach with input from the team.
  • Skill sessions are non-competitive and designed to help students build skills in specific sports. Sessions will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, or during the week, depending on the level of interest. Soccer skill sessions are confirmed for Saturdays.
Reach out directly to the coach of the sport that you are interested in to register.


  • Girls Volleyball: Grades 3/4 and 5/6
  • Flag Football: Grades 1-6
  • Fall Soccer: All grade levels
  • Boys Volleyball: Grades 5/6
  • Fall Baseball: Kindergarten – grade 6
  • Boys/Girls Hornet Soccer: All grade levels


  • Boys/Girls Soccer Skills: All grade levels (Saturdays). Hornet Soccer Skills Sessions are non-competitive and do not enter teams in leagues or tournaments. If you are intending to create a team, please select the "Soccer Team" option on the form. Many families elect to choose both and use Hornet Soccer as an additional practice.
  • Boys/Girls Basketball Skills: Kindergarten - Grade 6 (Saturdays)
  • Girls Lacrosse Skills Sessions/League Play: Prekindergarten – Grades 6 (weekends/after school)
  • Boys Lacrosse Skills Sessions/League Play: Prekindergarten – Grades 6 (weekends/after school)
  • Softball Skills: Prekindergarten – Grades 6
  • Swimming Skills: Grades 3-6 (after school)
  • Track & Field Skills: Grades 4-6. This session focuses on development in running and field events.
  • Speed and Agility: Grades 4-6. This session focuses on footwork and change of direction speed.
Hornet Sports Association Coordinator
Sports Offered:
Flag Football: Grades 1-6
Boys Volleyball: Grades 5-6
Girls Volleyball: Grades 3/4 & 5/6
Fall Baseball: Kindergarten – Grade 6
Hornet Soccer: All grade levels
Skills Offered:
Soccer: All grade levels
Basketball: Kindergarten – Grade 6
Lacrosse: Prekindergarten – Grades 6
Softball: Prekindergarten – Grades 6
Swimming: Grades 3-6
Track & Field: Grades 4-6
Speed and Agility: Grades 4-6

Sports Offered:
Basketball: All grade levels
Skills Offered:
Softball: Grades 3-6
Futsal: Grades 1-6

Sports Offered:
Lacrosse: Grades 3/4 & 5/6
Softball: All grade levels
Baseball: All grade levels
Hornet Soccer: All grade levels
Flag Football: All grade levels
Skills Offered:
Swimming: Grades 3-6
Track & Field: Grades 4-6
Speed and Agility: Grades 4-6
Girls Volleyball: Grades 3-6
Football: Grades 3-6

Grade Level Captains


Prekindergarten: Lee Szor
Kindergarten: Chad Goldberg
Primer: Crystal Nuchkasem
First Grade: Kira Epler
Second Grade: Frank Provenzano
Third Grade: Alison Colston
Fourth Grade: Erica Goodman
Fifth Grade: Greg Sparkman
Sixth Grade: Julie Gardner


Prekindergarten: Melissa McNally
Kindergarten: Rachel Swerdlow
Primer: Kelly Pointer
First Grade: Gavin Richey
Second Grade: Meredith Wallace
Third Grade: Lauren Harris
Fourth Grade: Jenni Welsh
Fifth Grade: Daniella Pinho
Sixth Grade: Eric Nadler

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