The Hornet Sports Association (HSA) is designed to help organize and facilitate the formation of youth sports teams for all Greenhill students who wish to play sports in grades PreK - 6th. We serve as a central clearinghouse for getting these teams up and running in an inclusive and timely manner.

Special Notes on Hornet Sports Association

  • HSA does not hold tryouts and relies on volunteer coaches for all teams, but will find a coach for hire (if needed);
  • HSA makes every effort to recognize existing teams/keep existing rosters together;
  • In Grades 1&5, when (and if necessary), HSA reserves the right to reshuffle rosters;
  • Practice days, times, and league choice are determined by the coach, not HSA;
  • Hornet Soccer – This will be a WEEKEND ONLY program. Sessions will take place on Saturday mornings and will alternate between indoor/outdoor play;
  • Greenhill facilities are made available for practices in conjunction with athletic department and rental needs;
  • Friends and classmates are encouraged to sign-up since HSA can only create teams where there is ample participation.

HSA Contacts

Tony Banks
HSA Coordinator
Joey Sims
HSA Coordinator


Sports Offered:
Boys/Girls Hornet Soccer: All grade levels
Flag Football: All grade levels
Boys Volleyball: Grades 5/6
Girls Volleyball: Grades 3/4 & 5/6


Sports Offered:
Boys/Girls Basketball: All grade levels


Sports Offered:
Boys/Girls Lacrosse: Grades 3/4 & 5/6
Softball: All grade levels
Baseball: All grade levels
Boys/Girls Hornet Soccer: All grade levels
Flag Football: All grade levels

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