Conference Honors

Season Athletes
2023 Sophia Chao
2022 Sibelle Zambie
2019 Lilly McLendon Brooke Webster
2018 Hannah Reynolds Hailey Wetherill
2017 Hannah Reynolds Hailey Wetherill
2016 Elaine Pennington Hailey Wetherill
2015 Caitlin Hoagland Hailey Wetherill
2014 Danielle Black Caitlin Hoagland
2013 Camille Ray
2012 Camille Richard
2011 Camille Richard
2010 Elizabeth Bodzy Camille Richard
2009 Hannah Elkin Camille Richard
2008 Taylor Johnson Liz Vaughan Courtney Webb

College Lettermen

Class Athlete School
2020 Lilly McLendon College of Wooster
2018 Hailey Wetherill Columbia University
2008 Liz Vaughan Hendrix College
2005 Lydia Turner Trinity College
2002 Kelly Berkemeier James Madison University
1976 Nancy Rozelle University of Oklahoma

Greenhill School

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