Heart of the Hill

Greenhill is a community that feels like a family. Heart of the Hill, a campus program that brings students from different divisions together, ensures that we maintain this family feeling throughout the busy school year.
Heart of the Hill was started in 1997 and engages small groups of students as well as faculty and staff in projects that provide service to the School and outside communities along with teach, celebrate, and perpetuate the School's rich history. Groups, known as Legacy Groups or Heart of the Hill Groups, meet 6-8 times per year. Members of each group stay the same from year to year, forming deep relationships and strengthening the Greenhill Community. Each year on September 11, our Founders’ Day, the school honors an important employee, alum or board member by naming a group after him or her.

A Look at Some of Our Favorite Traditions

  • Homecoming Week
    A pep rally, a community dinner, athletic competitions, and traditional Senior class sweatshirts celebrate Greenhill past and present.
  • Painting of Water Tower
    In this prank-turned-tradition, seniors leave their mark on Greenhill's Water Tower.
  • Founders' Day
    The whole school gathers on this special day to honor our beginnings through songs, service and community.
  • Music on the Quad
    Every fall and spring, students enjoy diverse professional music performances on the quad during lunch.
  • Halloween Parade & Scary Sing
    On this spooky day, Preschool, Lower School and 12th grade students parade around campus in costume. Preschool and Lower School students gather to hear stories and sing. 
  • Color Wars
    This friendly Upper School class rivalry includes year-long competitions like grade-level tug-of-war, quiz bowl, and competitive pie eating.
  • Greenhill Goes Global
    Families set up booths in the gym representing their cultures and countries. Performances, art and food complete the celebration.
  • Greek Day
    Studies of ancient Greece culminate in a fifth grade student-directed grade-level performance and a feast of epic proportions.
  • ISAS Fine Arts Festival
    During a spring weekend, Upper School students share their performing and visual arts talents with their peers at other ISAS (Independent School Association of the Southwest) schools.

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