Greenhill School has a wide variety of academic and special interest clubs and organizations. At the beginning of each academic school year, students have the chance to explore and join clubs. Greenhill clubs and organizations are student-initiated and give students the opportunity to enhance the quality of student life by encouraging leadership development and social interaction.

A Sample of Greenhill's Clubs & Activities:

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  • Advancing Core Principles

    Advancing Core Principles is an organization comprised of students from every grade in Upper School and Middle School as well as teachers and administrators from across the campus. ACP seeks to promote Greenhill's core principles of Honor, Respect and Compassion. The group's diverse membership assures a broad range of views and interesting discussions.
  • Big Green Nation

    Big Green Nation serves to promote school spirit throughout the school, in all grades. This does not only include athletic events, but also theater, art and any other school activities that need some school spirit! Anyone and everyone can join the Big Green Nation and help make our school a better, more involved community.
  • Business Society

    Greenhill Business Society is a nationally-recognized club that discusses business and finance topics. Members will have the opportunity to hear from business leaders like the President of, and learn about investing in the stock market by participating in the Stock Market Game (SMG), a short-term, virtual simulation of the stock market. GBS is also responsible for investing a portfolio of real money. Throughout the year, members will discuss strategies to improve the performance of our portfolio and help earn real money!
  • Cavalcade

    The Yearbook staff works diligently to design the entirety of the Cavalcade from the first day of school to the last. Whether it is the sports, fine arts, or student life sections, there are a number of unique pages that the staff works on. Cavalcade strives on creativity, and provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere where students can learn web design and give back to the Greenhill community at the same time.
  • Ethics Club

    Ethics Club meets while consuming tasty snacks; we discuss relevant ethical dilemmas (anything from politics to sports) that appear in the news. We examine how these situations should be handled in order to promote a certain level of societal harmony.
  • Evergreen

    The Evergreen is an award-winning, school-sponsored, student-run newspaper that is published six times a year. Recognized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the Evergreen has been honored for its overall design on 10 occasions. Every year, student editors are selected and work with a group of staff writers, photographers and artists to produce each issue.
  • First LEGO League

    Greenhill's First LEGO League is open to students in grades 6-8. The club creates multiple teams in order to get as many students involved in robotics competition as possible.
  • GIVE Service Leadership Council

    The GIVE Service Learning Council aims to get the Greenhill community involved in service projects in the greater Dallas area. Past projects have included a monthly youth tutoring program known as Saturday School, a school-wide Health Fair and Blood Drive, arts and crafts with the children of Family Gateway, various donations drives and much more. The GIVE Service Learning Council gladly welcomes project suggestions and also looks to support non-members with their service project endeavors.
  • Heartwork

    Heartwork is a club where students create and design artwork to donate to various organizations throughout Texas. The mission of the club is to bring fun and creativity to Greenhill while helping others in the surrounding community.
  • Honor Council

    The Honor Council is a group of 12 elected students and three faculty members that aims to promote a community based on honor, trust and integrity. We attempt to uphold Greenhill's honor code by trying to make honor a relevant issue as well as crafting recommendations when a student has breached the honor code.
  • Improv

    The Greenhill Improv Troupe is an extracurricular, on-campus, student-based club with an audition in order to become a part of the troupe. Our goal is to bring fun and laughter to the Greenhill campus.

List of 11 items.

  • Jewish Studies Club

    Jewish Studies Club is Greenhill's forum for discussion about all things related to Jewish holidays, religious practices, culture and Israel.
  • Junior Classical League

    Junior Classical League (JCL) encourages Latin students to extend their interest in the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome beyond the classroom. Not only does JCL provide local, state, and national tournaments for those Latin students who like to compete, but there are also fun activities on campus at club meetings. Latin students do not have to participate in competitions to join JCL.
  • Math Team

    The Math Team is not only a way to further your interests in math, but also the only club that can improve your school grades by just showing up. The Math Team also have competitions in the morning as well as off-campus competitions held over the weekend. Math Team helps teach valuable math skills in a fun environment.
  • Montage

    Montage is Greenhill's literary-art magazine. Each year, a student staff compiles, edits and designs a publication that highlights the creative vision on campus.
  • Political Action Club (PAC)

    Political Action Club (PAC) is an educational and discussion-based club for those who are passionate about politics and is an avenue through which students can discuss the various problems facing our local, national and international communities. PAC is an extracurricular organization that attracts groups of students from all walks of life and all political stripes. We give students the opportunity to explore and explain their own views and strengths and connect with and learn from others.
  • Quiz Bowl

    Quiz Bowl is for students who would like to compete in tournaments with other schools. Students will be asked questions from the following categories: history, literature, science, pop culture, fine arts (classical music, architecture, art), current events, geography and mathematics. All students should feel free to join - you will not be expected to answer questions from every category; in fact, we would encourage our players to become proficient in one category before trying to master another.
  • Spanish Club

    Spanish Club aims at capturing and celebrating the Spanish culture and language through various celebrations, presentations and activities. Our weekly meetings and consist of fun, learning and delicious food. Every club meeting offers a new learning experiences for all in attendance, and in previous years, we have celebrated the Spanish culture and language through festivities, such as bringing in native Spanish speakers to detail their lives back home, making quesadillas and guacamole, Spanish History Bingo and Pinata Day.
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

    The SAAC is composed of students who are enthusiastic about sports and school spirit. The members organize events and themes for sporting events in the fall, winter and spring seasons. For the fall season, the club organizes white outs, black outs, and “green and gold” days. The goal of the club is to maintain school spirit for students and to keep everyone energetic about being a part of the Greenhill community.
  • Students Advocating Informed Decisions (S.A.I.D.)

    Students Advocating Information Decisions encourages safe and healthy decisions that promote a healthy, happy and enjoyable high school experience. Throughout the year, we discuss topics such as alcohol, drugs, safe driving, health and stress relief. We do anything from making 'mock'tails to watching TV shows for stress relief during finals week.
  • True Colors (Gay/Straight Alliance)

    True Colors is an alliance group between straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning members of the Greenhill community who are united in the belief that people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions should be treated equally. It is our goal to perpetuate acceptance and understanding and to combat all forms of homophobia and transphobia through education, open discussion, activism and events. Every member of the Greenhill community deserves the opportunity to thrive, learn and be respected regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
  • Upper School Student Council

    The Upper School Student Council is the representative of the student body. As committees, individuals, and a group, members of the Student Countil work together to help form and enforce school policy, coordinate student activities and do whatever work necessary with whomever necessary, to raise the quality of life at Greenhill. Whether it be planning dress-up days or decorating for Homecoming Week, the Upper School Student Council is involved in nearly all aspects of student life.

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