The Texas Forensic Association (TFA) is an organization that provides and regulates competition in speech and debate (forensics) for Texas high school students. The Association authorizes forensics competitions nearly every weekend in Texas for the duration of the forensics season, which lasts from early August until the end of February, with the State competition typically in the first or second week of March.
Year Student(s) Place
1991 Brian Shiker & Peter Bogdanow 2nd
1994 Doug Moore & Andy Szygenda and Jeremy Goldberg & Marci Norton 1st (Co-Champions)
1995 Jeremy Goldberg & Walter Luh 1st
1996 Lindsay Harrison & Dustin Marshall and Rashad Hussain & Josh Goldberg 1st (Co-Champions)
1997 Caitlin Talmadge & Andrew Bradt 1st
1998 Kate Eickmeyer & Caitlin Talmadge and Asher Haig & John Oden 1st (Co-Champions)
2001 Racquel Bracken & Jordan Pietzsch 1st
2003 Saad Hussain & Maggie Ahn 1st
2004 Jessica Stolbach & Rachael Haig 2nd
2005 Jessica Stolbach & Nathan Baum 2nd
2006 Stephen Polley & Mathew Andrews 1st
2007 Bryant Huang & Mathew Andrews 1st
2009 Nupi Bhushan & Anna Litman 2nd
2011 Christian Patterson & Kush Patel 2nd
2012 Lyall Stuart & Azhar Unwala 2nd
2018 Sam Grimsley & Chris Eckert 2nd
2019 Samar Ahmad & Chris Eckert 1st
2021 Shruti Siva & Lindsey Jade Feinstein 2nd
2022 Shruti Siva & Krish Mysoor 1st
Year Student(s) Place
2020 Joshua Timmons 1st
Year Student(s) Place
2021 Joshua Timmons 1st
Year Student(s) Place
1990 Josh Shannon 1st
1997 Marc Walenstein 1st
2005 David Wolfish 1st
2007 David McGough 1st
2013 Rebecca Kuang 1st
2014 Bennett Eckert 1st
2015 Bennett Eckert 1st
2016 Bennett Eckert & Varad Agarwala 1st (Co-Champions)
2019 Anna Myers 1st
Year Student(s) Place
2020 Ashton Higgins, Armin Sommer, Aimee Stachowiak & Nicole Stachowiak 2nd
2021 Caroline Greenstone, Cameron Kettles, Ashley Shan & Aimee Stachowiak 2nd
2022 Caroline Greenstone, Ashton Higgins, Cameron Kettles, Ashley Shan, and Aimee Stachowiak 1st
Year Student(s) Event
1997 Rashad Hussain Policy Debate
1998 Caitlin Talmadge Policy Debate
2000 Asher Haig Policy Debate
2001 Eddie Ahn Policy Debate
2001 Eric Wolfish Lincoln Douglas Debate
2005 David Wolfish Lincoln Douglas Debate
2007 David McGough Lincoln Douglas Debate
2019 Anna Myers Lincoln Douglas Debate
2021 Cameron Kettles World Schools Debate
2022 Caroline Greenstone World Schools Debate

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