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Greenhill’s academic program is organized into four divisions (Preschool, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School), utilizing an integrated curriculum that provides a spectrum of learning opportunities. To achieve educational excellence and to foster intellectual engagement, the program incorporates a full range of teaching styles, learning activities and assessments, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration to facilitate student learning and development.
Teaching and learning at Greenhill consist of a complex plan that weaves together developmentally and age-appropriate challenges with best practices, current research, and individual needs. Academic departments, grade level teams, and administrative divisions work together to ensure that the curriculum is clearly defined and coordinated. Starting with the Preschool and its emphasis on exploration, wonder, and play, students follow a learning path that is filled with autonomy. The more teachers and students work alongside each other, the more authentic the learning becomes as teachers fully understand their students’ needs.
With a wide array of course offerings starting in the Middle School years, students gain valuable exposure to assorted topics. While their areas of interest might become more specific over time, a well-rounded education is the norm. By the time seniors are ready to graduate with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, their love of learning has only grown stronger and is best captured in real-world Capstone projects and classrooms where activities generate more questions than answers.
At Greenhill, it is impossible to avoid moments of daily inspiration. Walking around the Greenhill campus, opportunities arise to see enthralled faces, enthusiastic smiles, furrows of concentration, and energetic involvement on the part of teachers and students alike. On-going work to develop awareness of self and others unfolds alongside a challenging curriculum. Intentional work on social emotional well-being begins at an early age, supported by classroom teachers, the School’s student support team, and administrators. This is ever important in a fast paced world that can be focused on a limited definition of success.

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