Sports Performance

Sports Performance is a continuum of many components of exercise science, testing, physiology, biomechanics, sport nutrition, sports analytics and sports medicine. Mastery of the continuum is best achieved sequentially. To optimize sports specific refinement, it’s important to understand and develop the preliminary stages: foundation components of fitness and sports foundational training. This requires a comprehensive approach to investment of time, diligence, mental acumen, frequency, repetition, volume and proper recovery patterns. Sports Performance Services: speed training, agility training, mobility training, fitness testing, Olympic lifting instruction, HIIT training, circuit training, functional movement analyses, body composition assessment, One on One performance training*
*Fees applicable to this service

Sports Nutrition

It is near impossible to “out-train” poor nutrition. The performance of, and recovery from sporting activity can be enhanced by well-chosen nutrition strategies. With nutrition assessments, counseling, sports team presentation and meal planning, we aim to alter default behavior through education and food availability. Our staff will provide insight and guidance through evidenced-based dietetics practice to support and enhance student’s ability to improve lifetime wellness, learn to prevent chronic disease and enhance performance academically and athletically. After team workouts, athletes have access to sports nutrition drinks that complement both muscular development (Core Power) and recovery through essential nutrients (Body Armor).
Sports Nutrition Services: team-oriented sports nutrition presentation, nutrition education counseling, medical nutrition therapy, nutrient analysis (from food intake recall), meal planning education, disordered eating counseling/assessment, chronic disease education, metabolic testing (resting metabolic rate), body composition assessment, weight management planning, sports team meal planning/coordination, fueling station coordination, individualized meal planning*, cooking demonstrations*, grocery shopping tours*.
*Fees applicable to this service

Sports Medicine

In the HPC, we have staff certified in sports medicine. Our goal is to coordinate with the Sports Medicine department to incorporate corrective exercise movements to prevent injury during sports performance training. We also collaborate with the campus interdisciplinary team to ensure consistent programming is performed with orthopedic rehabilitation, concussion management, medical nutrition therapies (glucose tolerance management).
Sport Medicine Services: functional movement analysis, corrective movement programming, soft tissue manipulation, orthopedic rehabilitation program design coordination, injury assessment, injury exercise program adjustment.


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