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Fun is the status quo here at Greenhill Lower School, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Students learn best when they're nurtured, engaged, and valued for who they are. That's why everything we do in Lower School - from literacy to lunchtime - is designed to cultivate individual growth and inspire joyful learning.
"Our mission is to teach your child so much more than how to fill in the blanks," said Michael Simpson, Head of Lower School. "We believe a strong foundation in education encourages students to chase curiosity, construct understanding, seek evidence, welcome dialogue and discussions, benefit from failure, think globally, and develop an insatiable appetite for learning. We honor and nurture the whole child here, and it shows. Our students grow so much over the course of this rich educational stage. Not to mention, they love coming to school!"

Foundations of Lower School Learning

Unearth the Why. Lower School is an inspiring place where students build social and academic skills that support a lifetime of discovery. Classroom activities help students with varying skillsets and learning styles utilize their higher order thinking skills - not just memorize facts and ace tests.
Co-Curriculars & Language Study. All Lower School students participate in the co-curricular subjects of art, music, library, Spanish, and physical education. Classes instill an appreciation for a multi-faceted approach to learning and establish a firm foundation for continued study.
Head of Preschool and Lower School

Math & Science Love

Our math, science, and engineering curriculum cultivates a passion for problem solving, a disposition for design, a knack for numbers, and a desire to discover from an early age. Here's what Lower School students are learning:
First grade students research a dinosaur of their choice and present their findings in the form of a research paper, a 3D model of the creature, and a diorama of the ancient ecosystem.
City Project
The second grade city project is a culmination of a social studies unit about communities. Each class builds its own miniature city, using Human-Centered Design to create solutions to solve real-world problems, learning about social issues, city planning, and the importance of teamwork along the way.
Pinhole Camera
Third graders incorporate science, art, and computer science as they build waterproof pinhole cameras to study the movement of the sun.
Stock Market Project
Fourth grade students practice fractions, decimals, and percentages while earning "income" in the stock market project.

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