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Once you have completed core classes, Upper School is the time to pursue academic opportunities that support you - your interests, your plans, your goals. One junior puts it this way, "There is no typical Greenhill student, but everyone is motivated and wants to be here. They like being in a place where they can study what they're passionate about right now. You don't have to wait until college to study what you love." So double up in a discipline, take courses online, even invent your own class.
Flexible schedules allow student-athletes to take art classes and actors to spend time on the field," said Trevor Worcester, Head of Upper School. "We encourage students to dive into the breadth that we offer while they are here, so that they know what they want to pursue when they leave."

Ahead of the Curve

The required ninth grade Global History class explores global history from 1400 to present day from a thematic perspective with an emphasis on understanding how the diverse world got to be the way it is today.
English classes encourage students to engage in independent reading as a part of the curriculum, so that students read stories that reflect their experiences. Faculty members strive to incorporate texts that serve as mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors for students, rather than focusing on only canonical texts.

Passion for Math, Science & Engineering

Our students share a passion for problem solving, a disposition for design, a knack for numbers, and a desire to discover. Here's what they're up to.
Conducting independent research at The University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas Southwestern, and University of North Texas.
Studying DNA with over 10,000 micropipette in biochemistry, biotechnology, and AP Biology classes.
Choosing from 24 science courses (for juniors and seniors), including six AP science classes.
Working on a single math problem for an entire trimester in Mathematical Decision-Making, an elective course.

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