Our Approach

Greenhill students are inspired. They are inspiring. And it all begins right here!

Greenhill: A School for the Inspired

Learning isn’t about memorizing facts and acing tests. That’s why Greenhill students achieve so much more than high grades and scores. They learn to ask questions, make mistakes, voice opinions and explore interests. They cultivate personal strengths, pursue what interests them, and prepare for whatever their future may hold. Above all, they become people who choose to learn.
Our students live and breathe inspiration everyday:
“I’m inspired by our teachers’ dedication to imparting valuable lessons beyond their curriculum.”
“I’m inspired to create things that are beautiful and functional.”
“I’m inspired by people who whole-heartedly pursue their passions, regardless of what others might think.”
“I'm inspired to change the world by telling my stories through filmmaking.”
“Scientific discovery inspires me. I want to add to the world's scientific knowledge base.”
“My teacher's passion inspires me to try my hardest in everything.”
Greenhill: A School for the Inspired.

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