We get it. Life isn't all about school. Most students face a number of stressors and challenges on any given day. Rather than ignore them (or pretend like they don't matter), Greenhill supports students in big and small ways as they navigate life's twists and turns.
Our emphasis on student wellness stems from our belief that education should nurture and empower the whole person. With everything from educational seminars to dedicated divisional counselors to academic resource centers to healthy food in the Dining Hall, we make sure that all students are equipped with the coping skills and practical resources they need to thrive.

Go Through School with Support

Student advising is a defining characteristic of the Greenhill experience. In Middle School, students receive a new advisor each academic year. Grade-level experts, advisors help students navigate classroom choices, and are critical in building self-advocacy skills needed for success in Upper School.
Once in Upper School, small groups of students meet with an advisor three times a week to discuss everything from class scheduling to communication skills to stress management. Advisory groups, which remain constant from year to year, are strategically formed to bring diverse perspectives and compatible student-advisor pairs together.

Freedom to be Yourself

"Greenhill lets people be who they want to be," explains a sixth grade student. "In class, there's no such thing as a wrong question." One senior says, "Everyone here has a thing that they enjoy and excel at, like sports or music or horseback riding or theatre. People really focus in on their passions and can explore."
Have a conversation with just about any of our students, and they'll be sure to agree. At Greenhill, it's possible to pursue whatever it is that makes you, you.

Here are a few ways we make life more student centered:

Delayed Upper School Start
Later mornings are more compatible with teens' natural body clocks.
Wellness Seminars
Topics span stress management, relationships, communication and more.
Meal Plan
Meals include a variety of delicious lunch options and daily snacks.
Outdoor Work Space
Our campus is ideal for sun-soaked studying.
Open Floor Plans
Spaces designated to facilitate trusting relationships between faculty and peers.

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