Through generous contributions from families, classmates, and friends, named endowment funds have been established to perpetuate the legacy of these individuals and to provide important financial sustainability for the School. Below is a list of Greenhill's existing endowment funds with a brief description of each fund’s designated purpose and restrictions, if applicable. For more information on endowment giving opportunities or to establish a fund, contact Robert ClementsDirector of Annual Fund & Major Gifts, at (972) 628-5681. To make a gift to an existing endowment fund, CLICK HERE.

Curriculum & Program Funds

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  • Ann & Ray Perryman Archive Fund

    Established in 2000 in honor of Ann & Ray Perryman, parents of Tom Perryman '81, David Perryman '83, and John Perryman '86, to support the research, acquisition, cataloguing, and preservation of documents and items which celebrate Greenhill’s history.
  • Barnes Memorial Fund in Memory of Pam Barnes '00

    The Barnes family established the Pam Barnes '00 Memorial Fund in June 2014 to honor Pam's life. When fully funded, the fund will support travel expenses for Upper School students with a demonstrated need, seeking international cultural experiences that promote tolerance and compassion for others.
  • Bernard L. Fulton Lecture Endowment

    Established in 1977 in honor of Greenhill’s founding Headmaster Bernard Fulton, to support guest lecturers to the School.
  • Corbin Doyle Honorary Fund

    Established in 2012 by the Greystone Foundation, family, and friends, in honor of Greenhill faculty member Corbin Doyle. The fund was established to provide ongoing support for video production.
  • Edward E. Ford Technology Endowment Fund

    Established in 2000 through a grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation, this fund supports technology enhancements in the Upper School.
  • Ken & Becky Bruder Cultural Arts Fund

    Established in 1998 by Ken & Becky Bruder '71, parents of Anne '04 and Molly '07, in honor of Jeff Pritchard and Kitty Smith, parents of Lauren Pritchard Goodman '04 and Zachary Pritchard '06.
  • Kim Williams Service Fund

    Established in 2006 in memory of Kim Williams '92, to support community service activities and projects.
  • Muriel Seldin General Endowment for Cultural Arts

    Established in 1993 in memory of Muriel Seldin, the School’s first French teacher and art history teacher from 1954-1982.
  • Oleta Willard Academic Fund

    Established in 2019 by Steven Willard and Barbara Hoffman, the Oleta Willard Academic Fund honors their mother’s career at Greenhill School as an academic language therapist for more than 20 years. Oleta’s work improved the lives of hundreds of students. She enriched their scholarly experience, bolstered academic self-confidence, and enabled them to achieve greater educational success. These funds will support students with potential learning differences and will be directed to evaluation, diagnosis, therapy, and tutoring services. Through this fund, Oleta’s passion and legacy will endure for generations to come.
  • Primer Endowment Fund

    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Primer program, Greenhill established a Primer Endowment Fund to support the program into the future. This endowment supports Primer classroom resources, faculty salaries and professional development, financial aid for prospective Primer families, and other programmatic needs for the Primer class. This endowment will help ensure that Greenhill is able to offer eligible students the ‘gift of time’ in perpetuity.
  • Technology Endowment Fund

    Established in 1999 during the New Century Campaign to support Greenhill’s technology program.

Facility Funds

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  • Athletic Complex Endowment Fund

    Established in 1999 through proceeds from the Parents’ Association Gala, the fund provides support for maintenance of the Phillips Family Athletic Center.
  • Great Expectation Facilities Endowment Fund

    Established in 2006 during the Great Expectations Campaign, the fund provides support for the maintenance of the Lower School and Upper School expansion.
  • Yang Wu and Hanmei Zhao Family Endowment

    Established in 2022 during the Growing Stronger Together campaign by the Wu family (Yang, Hanmei Zhao, Joretta ’31, and Jocelyn ’35), this fund provides support for maintenance of the STEM + Innovation Center.
  • Tennis Maintenance Endowment Fund

    Established in 1998 during the New Century Fund campaign, the fund provides support for tennis maintenance of the Phillips Family Athletic Center.

Faculty Enrichment Funds

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Financial Aid

List of 21 items.

  • Andrew Family Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 2000 by Diane Buchanan & Richard Andrew and Edith & Edward J. Andrew, parents and grandparents, respectively, of Caitlin '05, Cameron '09, and Carolyn '11.
  • Christine Eastus Scholarship Fund

    Established in 2005 by alumni, students, parents and faculty to honor the 35-year Greenhill career of Christine Eastus (1975-2000), Upper School English teacher and department chair. This fund supports an Upper School student with promise in the humanities.
  • David Warren Leatherbury Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 2002 by Pat Villareal and Tom Leatherbury, former Board Chair (2000-2002), in honor of Scott Griggs, Greenhill’s fourth Head of School. The fund is named in memory of a family member who died while serving in Vietnam.
  • Dr. Anson L. Clark Memorial Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1980 in honor of Dr. Anson L. Clark, a noted Dallas philanthropist, engineer, physician, banker, and oilman, whose foundation supported Greenhill School in various efforts over the years.
  • Duncan S. Brown & Gavin F. Brown Scholarship Fund

    Established in 2019 by Lexi Eagles, Upper School English teacher (1988-2002), and her husband John Eagles, to honor their children Duncan Brown (’92) and Gavin Brown (’96). Duncan, who passed away in 2010, was talented in visual arts, and Gavin in music. This fund supports Upper School students with promise in the Arts.
  • Edward E. Ford Foundation Financial Aid Fund

    Established through a challenge grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation in 2005, this fund provides financial aid to Upper School students from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas.
  • Fulton Family Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1976 upon the retirement of founding Headmaster Bernard Fulton (1950-1976). Mr. Fulton and his wife, Helen Fulton, provided the vision which created the unique mission of Greenhill School. Gifts made in memory of Mr. Fulton on the occasion of his passing on June 14, 2009, were made in support of this fund.
  • General Endowment for Financial Aid

    Supports the annual general financial aid budget, ensuring that every deserving student can afford a Greenhill education.
  • Greenhill Employee Legends Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 2006, the fund honors Greenhill Legends, current or former employees who have served the School for 25 years or more, by providing financial aid to students with a demonstrated need for tuition assistance.
  • Harold & Mae Star Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1973 through a bequest from Mae Star, grandmother of Harold Star III `70 and Meri-Kay Star '73, this fund supports financial aid for Middle School students.
  • Jacob Earle Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1995 in memory of Jacob Earle by his parents, Sandra Earle and Randy Earle, and classmates.
  • Jane & Wes Kittleman Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1983 by members of the Trim family, to honor the careers of Jane and Wes Kittleman, teachers at Greenhill for 13 and 22 years, respectively, by providing financial aid support for an Upper School student.
  • Jennifer Goodnight Maalouf Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1999 in memory of Jennifer Goodnight Maalouf '86 by Margaret & Jim Goodnight, Susan Griffiths '83, Evan Griffiths, friends, and classmates.
  • Kathy Wells Memorial Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1994 in memory of Kathy Wells, a physical education and motor room teacher from 1979-1993, this fund provides financial aid support for a returning Lower School student.
  • Michael L. & Carol B. Davis Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 2004 by Carol and Michael Davis '84, this fund supports economically disadvantaged students of color, with a preference for Upper School students who are members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas.
  • Parents’ Association Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1994 to provide financial aid to students.
  • Ronnie Freeman Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1954 in memory of Middle School student Ronnie Freeman by her parents, Norman and Ernestine Halff Freeman.
  • Ruth Agnich Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1975 in memory of Ruth Agnich, mother of William '61 and grandmother of Robert '94, Bruce '87 and Barbara, to provide support for Greenhill's financial-aid program.
  • Scott Buchanan Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Established in 1982 in memory of Scott Buchanan `90, son of former faculty member Dr. H. Ray Buchanan and his wife, Carole. A monetary stipend from this fund accompanies the Estelle Dickens Service to Greenhill Award given annually to a graduating senior at commencement.
  • Todd & Mindy Williams Endowment Fund

    Established in 2015 by Todd Williams '90 and Mindy Williams to provide financial aid to students.
  • Zale Foundation Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 1978 by the William and Sylvia Zale Foundation to support financial aid for deserving Middle School students.

General Funds

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  • Alec Reid Becker Endowment Fund for Student Social & Emotional Well-Being

    Established in 2020 to honor the life of Alec Becker ’19, his contributions and passionate commitment to the Greenhill community, and the compassion and support he constantly provided to his peers from PreK through 12th grade. The fund will support the social and emotional well-being of our students, including support for our counseling program, programming for students, staff and families, and related resources. Through this fund, Alec’s gift of spreading love and joy, and especially hope and understanding, will endure.
  • General Endowment Fund

    Supports a variety of purposes including the programmatic and operational needs of the Greenhill community.
  • Julie & David Fields Honorary Fund

    Originally established in 2012 by the M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation as the Headmaster's Discretionary Fund, and renamed in 2014 to honor Julie Ray Fields '83 and David Fields, thanks to the generosity of June and Peter McGuire and the Leo and Bobbie Fields Family. This fund supports the general operating, programmatic, and discretionary needs of Greenhill Fund.
  • Phillip G. Foote Endowment Fund

    Established in 2003 to honor Phil Foote, Greenhill’s second Headmaster (1976-1992) and former Head of Lower and Middle School (1969-1976). In 2009, Greenhill alumni completed a special campaign in recognition of Mr. Foote’s 44-year career in education to name the Lower School in his honor.

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