In our intentionally diverse community, Greenhill nurtures self-confidence and respect for others from day one. In Preschool and Lower School, students learn to embrace the unique gifts that each person brings to the classroom. By Middle and Upper School, when students understand that the person sitting next to them may react differently to a text or offer a distinct perspective, learning becomes exponentially more meaningful.

Freedom to be Yourself

"Greenhill lets people be who they want to be," explains one Middle School student. "There aren't uniforms. In class, there's no such thing as a wrong question. You're free to be an individual." An Upper School students says, "Everyone here has a thing that they enjoy and excel at, like sports or music or horseback riding and theater. People really focus in on their passions and can explore."

Why Coed?

Greenhill always has been and always will be a coeducational school. Why? Because we believe that learning with and from gender diversity is an invaluable experience. It broadens perspectives, teaches relational skills, and instills healthy confidence in boys and girls. Most important, it prepares students for life in the real world.

How We Learn From Each Other

Community Conversations: In classes, faculty teach the art of civil discourse; conversing - and even disagreeing – with empathy, compassion, and respect. As a community, parents and students come together throughout the year to share their stories, building bridges of understanding between people of different backgrounds.
Community Support: Students, parents, and faculty members who share cultural identities, like race, gender, or spirituality, gather together in affinity groups to support each other through their common experiences . Alliance groups, which allow for cross-cultural communication and learning, support all members of the community.
Community Celebrations: Greenhill honors the diverse traditions and customs of our families throughout the year through class discussion and activity, divisional gathering, or campus-wide events like Greenhill Goes Global, a festive multicultural fair held each spring.

Statement on Diversity

Diversity develops thinking that values alternative viewpoints and is sensitive to life experiences, feelings, hopes and the challenges of others. Recognizing and capitalizing on the diversity that exists within our school, our region, our nation and our world enhances the Greenhill community.
Greenhill actively seeks opportunities for interaction and meaningful dialogue to minimize disparities and to foster equality. The School honors its commitment to inclusion through admission policies, hiring practices, professional development and curriculum. The Board, administration, faculty, staff, parents and students are committed to a positive, pluralistic environment where the academic and social well being of all students is affirmed and assured.
Diversity at Greenhill reflects the core principles of honor, respect, and compassion, and values the customs, traditions, and perspectives of people of different gender, race, ethnicity, ability, age, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. Greenhill supports diversity as the essential component of a quality education that encourages respect and empowerment of the individual and discourages the formation of stereotypes and prejudices. Through our steadfast commitment to diversity, Greenhill broadens the educational experience of all students. Greenhill further believes that our commitment to diversity is an ongoing process, which will continue to strengthen and enhance our school.
Approved by the Board of Trustees in 2005

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