What is Service Learning, and Why Does it Matter?

Service learning is grouded in experiential education - learning by doing. Projects can be developed and adapted for students in Preschool, Lower, Middle and Upper School.
"Service learning allows students to apply classroom principles, concepts, and skills to projects that serve the community," said Angela Woodson, Director of Service Learning & Community Service. "Students use critical thinking and problem-solving in new and challenging ways that, ultimately, changes their views of themselves and the world."
Through service learning, students work together with their teacher to develop community projects. Afterwards, students reflect on what happened during the experience. The learning becomes meaningful, and students see how and why their education is preparing them to become involved citizens. When students serve, they learn!

Students Give Back at Every Age

Kindergarteners team up with eighth graders to deliver Meals on Wheels. They see the difference a visit can make while building community across the School.
Fourth graders ponder heroism in history class and write letters of gratitude to soldiers and veterans. Receiving appreciative letters in return shows them their efforts matter.
Fifth graders host a holiday bazaar where they make, market, and sell items. Proceeds support a day and after school care center for homeless children.
Juniors & Seniors in Social Class in Literature: Class on Class purchase, prepare, and serve lunch at a local shelter while exploring socioeconomic class issues in modern America.

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