The responsibilities of the Greenhill School Board of Trustees include: affirming and upholding the Mission of the School; establishing school policies; selecting the Head of School; approving campaign goals for annual giving and special capital campaigns; and approving the annual budget. Members of the Greenhill School Board of Trustees are elected by their peers at an annual meeting or a meeting specially called for the election of Trustees. Members are elected to serve three-year terms and may serve two successive terms.
Bruce Sostek
Holland P. Gary '93
Assistant Chair/Secretary
Roy S. Kim '88
Finance Chair/Treasurer
Leslie Benners Yasmin Bhatia Joe Chu
Albertina M. Cisneros Christopher I. Clark '89 Koshi Dhingra, Ed.D.
Angela Adkins Downes '87 Aaron Enrico Lauren Pritchard Goodman '04
David C. Greenstone Lee J. Hark Jay Henry
Karlyn Herlitz Zack Hicks Rachel Ladin '91
Jet Li E. Pierce Marshall, Jr. '86 Marlo Melucci
Rich Moses Rebekah Newman Terry Oxford
Adriana Perales David Podolsky Kaitlin Prieur
Tracy Rathbun William E. Rose '85 Augusto Sasso
Ashley Scheer Grace Smith Patricia Smith
Bharti Subramanian, Ph.D. Beth Thomas Clifford Weiner
Linda Wimberly Jeff Zlotky
Former Board Chairs Electing to Serve Ex-Officio
David L. Johnson '67
Trustee since 1987
H. Ronald Nash
Trustee since 1987
Lifetime Trustee
Rusty Jaggers
Trustee since 1994
Daniel T. Phillips
Trustee since 1997
Molly Fulton Seeligson '60
Trustee since 2009

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