At Greenhill School, we uphold our core values of excellence, integrity, compassion, and courage in all areas of learning. We set the expectation that all students will apply our core values to their technology use and interactions in their digital lives. We promote purposefully implemented technology use across all curriculum areas, grade levels, and disciplines, while providing students avenues to develop technology skills that will not only help them in their time at Greenhill, but in all future endeavors. Classroom technology programs work to grow media literacy, digital communication competencies, mindful media use and global connections. Technology is an essential part of the Greenhill experience, offering opportunities for increased independence, responsibility, real-world connections, problem-solving, communication skills, and increased self-advocacy for independent learning.

Preschool/Lower School

Preschool is an important time for young children to develop many of the basics of learning and most importantly how to engage in play and creative work with their peers that is socially and emotionally appropriate in early childhood. The use of technology in the Preschool is supplemental and used for creating and developing deeper learning opportunities.

In Lower School, our goal is for each student to develop an understanding of how to use their classroom technology to enhance their daily learning, create real-world connections, and document their thinking through iPad applications and computer use.

In both divisions, there is an emphasis on using technology to create or capture thinking and less of an emphasis on consumption. We build students’ competence in navigating digital tools and broaden their understanding of online communication, safety, and creation while ensuring our students know how to use technology responsibly, to allow for deeper, more reflective learning at all grade levels.

Middle School

Middle School is a critical point in a student's education, and the development of their technology skills is among the most important. As students begin to transition from technology use being primarily in the classroom, to technology being used in their everyday lives, they must be taught how to incorporate the social emotional skills necessary for good decision making and responsible use.

In Middle School, students continue to attend Innovation classes in 5th and 6th grade where they can begin exploring their journey to understand programming and the prototyping process, and enhance their Digital Citizenship skills.  In 7th and 8th grade students are given the opportunity to choose more advanced Innovation classes in the upper grades of middle school.  Technology is a vital tool to ensure success in today's world and is integrated throughout the Middle School program.

Upper School

Upper School students are developing their skills to support creativity, critical thinking, personal learning goals, and an ownership over their digital lives. Using technology in the learning environment students are making connections between character development and their digital identity and responsible use.

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