At Greenhill School, we uphold our core values of excellence, integrity, compassion, and courage in all areas of learning. We set the expectation that all students will apply our core values to their technology use and interactions in their digital lives. We promote purposefully implemented technology use across all curriculum areas, grade levels, and disciplines, while providing students avenues to develop technology skills that will not only help them in their time at Greenhill, but in all future endeavors. Classroom technology programs and Computer Science and Engineering classes at Greenhill work to grow media literacy, digital communication competencies, mindful media use and global connections.

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Preschool is an important time for young children to develop many of the basics of learning and most importantly how to engage in play and creative work with their peers that is socially and emotionally appropriate in early childhood. The use of technology in the Preschool is supplemental and used for creating and developing deeper learning opportunities. With teacher's guidance and support, students use iPads to capture their thinking and authentic learning experiences, develop early programming concepts through game play, hands-on maker-based challenges, enhance beginning reading skills, and learn more about topics of study through Library Databases.

Lower School

The Lower School students are still beginning their journey as technology users and Greenhill places great emphasis on using these tools for creation versus consumption in the learning environment. The goal for each Lower School students is to develop an understanding of how to use their classroom technology to enhance their daily learning, create real world connection, and document their thinking through iPad applications and computer use.
Technology is classroom based in Primer and 1st grade, with support from their teachers and the LS Technology Coordinator. When the students move into 2nd-4th grade they attend Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) classes where they begin their formal learning around technology use and how to use technology tools to redefine their learning experiences. The students begin exploring the concepts of being a “Good Digital Citizen,” programming, robotics, and engineering design processes through maker-based education.

Middle School

Middle School is a critical point in a student's education, and the development of their technology skills is among the most important. As students begin to transition from technology use being primarily in the classroom, to technology being used in their everyday lives, they must be taught how to incorporate the social emotional skills necessary for good decision making and responsible use.
In Middle School, students continue to attend Computer Science and Engineering classes (CSE) in 5th and 6th grade where they continue robotics, begin to understand programming and the prototyping process, and enhance their Digital Citizenship skills.  In 7th and 8th grade students are given the opportunity to choose more advanced CSE classes in the upper grades of middle school.  Technology is a vital tool to ensure success in today's world and is integrated throughout the Middle School program.

Upper School

Upper School students are developing their skills to support creativity, critical thinking, personal learning goals, and an ownership over their digital lives. Using technology in the learning environment students are making connections between character development and their digital identity and responsible use.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Do I need a computer or device in Preschool and Lower School?

    Students in Preschool and Lower School do not need a computer or device for school use. All technology used in the lower divisions is school provided. As students move into 3rd and 4th grade there might be needed to access work from a home computer or device but will not be required on a regular basis.
  • Q. What are the computer Recommendations 5th grade – 12th Grade?

    Every student in grades 5-12 is expected to have a laptop that they bring and use each day at school. When purchasing a laptop for your child, we recommend that it meet the following minimum specifications:
    Operating System: Windows 10 only
    Processor: Intel i7
    Memory (RAM): 8GB or higher
    Storage (hard drive): 256 GB or higher
    Wireless: Yes (support 802.11g or higher)
    Peripherals: External mouse
    Battery Life: 8 hours
    The primary software that we use at Greenhill is the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Greenhill offers a free license to the Microsoft Office 365 suite, which provides the student with Microsoft Office "in the cloud" and downloadable Office products for their laptop. Students can access the software by logging into using their Greenhill email address and password.
    Many new laptops will come with a trial version of an anti-virus product. After the trial period, there will be a fee to keep the product up-to-date for maximum protection. You are welcome to use that product that comes with the laptop or use another product of your choosing. Windows 10 includes an anti-virus product called Windows Defender, which is another option and it is included at no additional cost. However, we cannot recommend strongly enough that an anti-virus product be installed and kept current.
    We recommend the installation of the following browsers: Chrome and Firefox. Based on courses taken, some students will need to check with their teachers to find out if there is any additional software required for specific classes.
  • Q. I am unable to access MackinVia and the Library Catalog?

    The librarians in the Montgomery Library manage all databases and the library catalog. To reset your password, please contact Abby Harrison, Head Librarian.
  • Q. Does all of my schoolwork have to be done on the computer?

    As students grow as learner’s technology access will increase. The school’s goal is to use technology intentionally and appropriately when needed for schoolwork.
  • Q. Do I have a Greenhill email address?

    All faculty have Greenhill email accounts, and beginning in Middle School, students receive their own Greenhill email accounts.
  • Q. Can I access my Greenhill email address from home?

    Yes, you can Greenhill email, along with other software, can be accessed by visiting
  • Q. Are there network restrictions?

    Greenhill has a robust network intended to support teaching and learning for Greenhill students and faculty. The network cannot be accessed unless a user authenticates through their school issued login. All users accessing the Greenhill Network are tracked by IP Address. Greenhill monitors its network for performance, reliability and safety; and, in the interest of maintaining a high level of service, we will put controls in place as needed.
  • Q. Does Greenhill have an Acceptable Use Policy?

    At Greenhill School all students, families, and employees are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures as outlined by our Acceptable Use Policy which is signed annually. Each division reinforces the policies in the AUP through Divisional Responsible Use Agreements and Handbook policies that support the social emotional and developmental needs and expectations of a child in the PK-12th grade.
  • Q. If I have problems with my computer how do I get help?

    If you need help or support with software, or other Greenhill owned digital tools, you may visit the Technology Office on the south side of the Montgomery Library. A Technology Associate will be happy to assist you with your problem between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday.
    You can also ask for assistance from a classroom teacher or Educational Technology staff member during school hours. BYOD students are welcome to visit the Helpdesk for advice, instruction and help connecting to Greenhill systems. Our Help Desk cannot repair or facilitate the repair of BYOD laptops.
  • Q. How do I get help?

    The Greenhill Technology team is ready to assist from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday, when school is in session. In addition, you are able to reach the Help Desk by phone (972-628-5495), email, or Submit a request.
    Students can also visit the Technology Office on the south side of the Montgomery library, and they are encouraged to visit the Technology office for advice, instruction and help connecting to Greenhill systems. For Middle and Upper School students, the technology team can help assess and diagnose problems with laptops, but they are not able to repair them.

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