We’re serious about athletics here at Greenhill,
which is why sports and fitness are part of every school day.

A Head Start on Health

We believe that learning to move is as important as learning to add and subtract. That's why Preschool and Lower School Physical Education is an important part of every school day. Through team-oriented activities, students build skills and learn valuable lessons, like how to give their all and be great teammates. Better yet, they get inspired to pursue sports and exercise for years to come.

Athletics Curriculum: Many Opportunities, One Focus

We're serious about athletics here at Greenhill, which is why physical activity is part of every school day.
In fifth and sixth grade, students practice a wide variety of team sports in PE class. They discover what they like and develop skills to play competitively. In seventh and beyond, students may choose to join one or more of Greenhill's 62 competitive teams. Alternatively, students can take PE electives like Dance, Ultimate Frisbee, Total Body Fitness, Yoga, and more. No matter what gets you moving, you'll graduate with a higher level of fitness and a healthy desire to push your own limits.

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  • Healthy Competition

    We believe that when taught correctly, competition is both good and healthy. Because all of our students are exposed to competition, even in their earliest years, we purposely and deliberately teach the principles of healthy competition.
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  • Preschool/Lower School

    In Preschool/Lower School Physical Education, students participate in various movement activities designed to promote motor and manipulative development, the understanding of a healthy lifestyle, and a positive self-image.
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  • Middle School

    Middle School Athletics provides all students with the opportunity to play a sport and improve athletic skills during the season. We establish an environment where our student-athletes are challenged and supported.
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  • Upper School

    Greenhill Athletics strives to provide opportunities to all interested Upper School students to become well-rounded student-athletes. We pride ourselves in providing the best learning and competitive situations for each of our participants.
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