Upper School

Upper School is the time to pursue academic opportunities that support you - your interests, your plans, your goals.

Define Your Own Success

Upper School challenges students to reach their potential as scholars, athletes, artists and, most importantly, as people. By graduation, they’re ready to pursue lifetimes of success—success they define themselves.
“I want our students to be in classrooms where they get to remember why they love to learn, where ideas are discussed in ways that lead to reflection and growth. I want them to have opportunities to learn what interests them and discover ways to give back to the world they are about to enter.” - Trevor Worcester, Head of Upper School

Explore Space Without Boundaries

No two students follow the same path through Greenhill. After completing a core program freshman and sophomore years, students have freedom to chart their own courses of study. The options are literally limitless; if a class doesn’t exist, students can design independent courses that serve their interests and goals. But all this independence is not without guidance. Greenhill’s dedicated faculty of exceptional teachers and advisors is committed to supporting each student’s dreams in the classroom and beyond. Each day, students are inspired to pursue bright futures.


• Advanced Choreography • Advanced Video Production
• Biotechnology • Creative Writing
• Financial Analysis • JAVA Programming
• Persuasion & Debate • Sports & Society
• Sublime Darkness: Gothic Literature & High Romanticism • Understanding 9/11

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