Our students develop enthusiasm for learning about the world around them.
In the process, they fall in love with learning.

Fall in Love with Learning

The students may be small, but big things are happening in Greenhill Preschool. As impressionable and excited young children experience education for the first time, our mission is to instill a love for school and learning that lasts a lifetime.
“Our PreK students develop enthusiasm for learning about the world around them. They begin to have compassion for others. They become willing to take risks and ask questions. They build academic skills that support the next step. In the process, they fall in love with learning. Our kiddos show up eager to start the day every morning!” - Netra Fitzgerald, Head of Preschool

Big Things are Happening in Preschool

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  • Prekindergarten: A Joyful Introduction

    The PreK program develops students academically and socially through hands-on, play-based learning. Our balanced and creative curriculum includes everything from cross-curriculum small group projects to classroom service learning to learning to be Change Makers. Over the course of the year, students gain the ability to think critically, take risks, and express themselves confidently.
  • Kindergarten: Deeper & Bigger

    Kindergarteners are ready for MORE! We engage the students on a deeper level throughout the year. Students work on collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving as they explore meaningful play. Additionally, teachers assign multi-subject projects that strengthen reading, writing, math and science skills. At the end of the year, our kindergarteners are ready to thrive in Lower School.


Prekindergarten Kindergarten
• Make functioning food trucks • Serve Meals on Wheels with the Eighth Graders
• Host an art show to benefit a local charity • Study color and light in glow-in-the-dark classrooms
• Learn about cultures around the world • Transform the classrooms into Bug, Forest & Ocean Headquarters

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