In 2004, Tina Fey’s iconic movie was released to immediate acclaim. This hilarious and biting comedy offered plenty of quotable lines, but it also presented a window into the lives of high school students and the high-stakes social pressures they face. In a note to the directors of the musical Tina Fey writes, “I set out to write truthfully and with humor about relational aggression among girls. I hoped that if we could recognize this behavior […] and laugh about it, it would be easier to stop doing it. Spoiler alert: I did not fix the world! Relational aggression is still around. And it’s not just among girls. We see it everywhere, from the highest branches of government to the preschool playground.” In this story, the mean girls are not defeated, they are empowered to trust that they are enough as human beings and that they too can shine. 
We are so proud to be presenting MEAN GIRLS, a production with the largest cast & crew ever recorded in the history of the Greenhill Upper School Theater! Thank you to our talented cast and crew who have dedicated much of their time this semester to creating this exciting musical comedy. 
***Due to some more mature themes and language, Greenhill School recommends this performance to audiences 13 and up.***  


Lizzie, Karen Understudy, Giraffe Ensemble
This is Tara's second year in Greenhill Theatre and eighth year of being involved with productions. She has always been immersed in the performing arts and has a passion for acting and music. In addition to her passion for the art, she also loves theatre for the community and love it brings. She is super excited to be a part of MEAN GIRLS this year!
Damian Hubbard
JJ is thrilled to be back on stage for his second year in theater. He had a blast in Big Fish last year, where he learned a lot about the art and craft of theater, both on and off stage. He is excited to work with the amazing cast and crew that make theater such an amazing environment. He is grateful to his parents for their encouragement and support, and he wants to acknowledge the amazing work of VHS and the entire staff who made this production possible. 
Coach Carr, Giraffe Ensemble
Josie has only ever enjoyed theater from the audience, so she’s very excited to take to the big stage! She is already loving it, and she cannot wait to push her comfort zone and debut alongside her brother, JJ. Josie is ready to act, and wants to thank her family for convincing her to try theater!
Carpenter, Spotlight Operator
Nate is excited to be back for his third Greenhill production. He finds it very entertaining. Unfortunately, this will be his final Greenhill theater production, so he intends on making the most of it. Nate is looking forward to seeing how MEAN GIRLS plays out.
Taylor, Gazelle Ensemble
Now in her junior year, Evelyn Berg is so excited to perform with Greenhill again. She has had the incredible opportunity to take on some unforgettable roles. She was thrilled to dive into the role of Jetsam in The Little Mermaid. As Josephine in Big Fish, she had the chance to explore a completely different character and story. She is so grateful for the support of her teachers, friends, and family. She can't wait to see where her love for the theater takes her in the future, but for now, she's enjoying every moment on the Greenhill stage.
Cassie, Dance Captain, Gazelle Ensemble
Tali is 14 and this is Tali's first musical theater production with Greenhill, but her third year doing theater for Greenhill. She has done both One Act Play productions Law and Order, Fairy Tale Unit, and The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet. Theater is a space where she can feel like herself and be whoever she wants to be. She would like to thank Mrs. McCain, for always being there and encouraging her to take risks and try different forms of acting and dancing! She loves MEAN GIRLS, and she's very excited for more adventures in the Greenhill Theater Program!
Anne-Marie, Zebra Ensemble
Most of Anjali’s experience in theater came from watching her friends from backstage doing tech help or just showing up to watch. She has not been in very many productions but is still quite eager to gain experience. From a very warm first experience as an ensemble member in The Little Mermaid, she has been extremely interested and touched by the theater since. She cannot wait to bring all she has to the show of MEAN GIRLS and to support any and all she can.
Christina, Zebra Ensemble
This is Asha's second year in musical theater, and she is really excited to be a part of this year's production, MEAN GIRLS, which happens to be one of her favorite musicals. She can't wait to see all the hard work that has been put into this musical. Asha would like to thank all of her friends, parents, and the rest of the theater crew who supported her throughout the production. 
Rhonda, Gazelle Ensemble
This is Sonia Brown’s first musical theater production, but Sonia is no stranger to the stage. Sonia has danced in Texas Ballet Theater’s Nutcracker ballet at the Winspear Opera House twice, and she has performed in Marin Ballet Theater’s Nutcracker twice. She has danced on stage at Klyde Warren Park, the Galleria and NorthPark Mall, and the Eisenberg Center. Sonia is looking forward to dancing, acting, and singing on the Greenhill stage. 
Ms. Norbury
This is Shreya's fourth show, and she has always loved taking part in theater. Her favorite show that she's participated in over the last two years was Big Fish, and she looks forward to taking part in new productions in the future. She would like to thank everyone who put in so much time and effort to make this show a reality.
Caitlyn, Giraffe Understudy
This is Ella's second show with Greenhill, and she is excited to have the opportunity to participate in such an incredible production! She is relatively new to theater and loves getting to try new things and improve her acting, singing, and dancing. Ella is so grateful to all of her teachers, family members, and fellow cast members for supporting her throughout this process.
Christian, Damian Understudy, Gazelle Ensemble
MEAN GIRLS is Kyra's second production with the Greenhill Theater program. Participating in both Big Fish and MEAN GIRLS has instilled Kyra with newfound confidence and skills. She would like to thank her family and friends for continuing to support her through new challenges, and the company for always lending a helping hand. Finally, she extends her greatest gratitude to all the faculty who work to keep our productions on track.
Soleil, Mrs. Heron Understudy, Zebra Ensemble
Megan is very excited to be returning to theater again this year! Last year, she was part of Big Fish and She Kills Monsters. Other theater experiences Megan has include Shrek! The Musical and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Outside of theater, she plays volleyball and softball. Megan would like to thank all of the cast and crew for making MEAN GIRLS possible!
Stage Manager
Marieve is a junior who is super excited to be working on MEAN GIRLS. This is one of her absolute favorite musicals and the thought of auditioning had even crossed her mind at one point. She is also happy to have gotten to know everybody and make new friends. This is Marieve's fourth show with Greenhill, and she feels like she has grown as a person so much in the last couple of years.
Carly, Gazelle Ensemble
This is Susie's second Greenhill Musical, and she is so excited to be a part of it again this year! She is playing the part of Carly and is also in the Gazelle ensemble. She has loved singing and dancing from a young age and cannot wait to perform the best show with the best people for everyone. She would like to thank her family for pushing her out of her comfort zone and Sofia as she couldn't do the musical without her. Susie hopes you all love the show and think it is so fetch!
Zoey, Giraffe Ensemble
Neve has never done true theater before and can’t wait for this production. She’s always wanted to be in a musical and can’t wait to see what the final product looks like. She would like to thank all the cast and crew that helped make this production possible!
Lindsay, Zebra Ensemble
This is Katherine's first time ever doing musical theater. Although it is her first time participating in musical theater, she had some small prior experiences in theater. Some productions she has done are Law & Order Fairy Tale Unit, and Seussification of Romeo and Juliet. She is super excited to work with the MEAN GIRLS cast, and to learn a lot from them as well! She would like to Thank everyone for their help and support. Katherine wishes to continue being part of musical theater!
Song Captain, Mr. Buck, Zebra Ensemble
Ruby is a sophomore and is so excited to be back on stage! She is very active in Greenhill fine arts as she is also a member of the improv troupe, in Greenhill Singers and makes films in AVP. If she could, she would take solely fine arts classes. Outside of the fine arts, Ruby enjoys running long distance and spending time with her friends and younger brothers. She hopes that you enjoy the show!
Carpenter/Electrician, Sound Engineer
This is Darwin's second semester of tech theater but their first year in tech practicum. they are very excited to be a part of this production of MEAN GIRLS. They have been wanting to be involved in tech theater for about five years now and are very happy to help out with the musical this year. Darwin helped out with the lighting for She Kills Monsters and had a great time. According to Ms. Burns, they also did a good job with it. They would like to thank their family and uncle for encouraging and supporting them to take part in theater.
Renee, Zebra Ensemble, Dance Captain
Hazel, who is playing Renee and also plays a role with the ensemble, is so excited to be a part of Greenhill's production of MEAN GIRLS! Hazel is a sophomore and this is her third production with Greenhill Theater. She has previously played roles like Mike TV from Willy Wonka, and one of the monkeys in Dr. Suess. She also has a great passion for dance and has been dancing since she can remember. Hazel is one of the dance captains in this production, which she is very proud of.
Mr. Duvall, Assistant Director
Quinn is both excited and sad to be a part of his fourth and final Greenhill musical production. His past roles have included Joe in Working, Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, and Don Price in Big Fish, as well as assistant directing at different levels. He is elated to be involved in such an incredible production and delighted to work with all of the wonderful people in the cast!
Kevin G., Giraffe Ensemble
After missing last year's musical and feeling very disappointed by it, Syrus has finally returned to Greenhill Theater and is ready to start memorizing lines again. Since first grade, Syrus participated in theater summer camps on and off campus for several years. His first musical was Greenhill's Elf, Jr. in middle school. Though his freshman year's theater experience was cut short, he made up for it by joining the Improv Troupe. Coming into his sophomore year, he is excited to take on both improv and the musical, in addition to the 2024 Edinburgh Project.
Sophie, Regina Understudy, Dance Captain, Giraffe Ensemble
Samantha is a sophomore at Greenhill School. This is her 13th show overall, and her third production with Greenhill Upper School. Outside of theater, she loves to play field hockey and piano. Thank you so much to her family and friends, as well as everyone coming to see the show!
Rachel, Giraffe Ensemble
MEAN GIRLS is Zoya's third musical production. She is looking forward to being part of MEAN GIRLS and getting closer to her castmates. She is also excited to contribute as a show deputy and hopes her experience in previous shows will contribute to the show coming together well.
Martin, Giraffe Ensemble
This is Ahan's first year in Upper School, and he is very excited to be a part of this year's musical, MEAN GIRLS. In the past, Ahan has had some acting experience, however not that much. He was cast in his Middle School play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as Augustus Gloop. As Ahan moves forward into Upper School, he is looking to develop a love for theater as well as be a valuable asset to the cast.
Trish, Gazelle Ensemble
This is Natalie's second year being on stage for a musical and her fourth production with Greenhill overall. She is genuinely so happy to be back because this community is always so fun, loving, and silly. Natalie would like to thank all of the people who are helping us create this amazing project like the directors, choreographers, assistant directors, tech managers, etc. She is so excited to see the magic that this show brings!
Cady Heron
Sanjna Kalisetty is beyond excited to play Cady Heron! This is her seventh and last Greenhill musical. She owes the world to VHS, Ms. Goold, and Mr. P for their mentorship, kindness, and brilliance. She would also like to give a huge thank you to Ms. McCain for helping her master her two left feet, Dr. A and Mr. Dry for their countless encouragement, and Ms. Hope for always making her look her best! Lastly, she wants to endlessly thank her parents and friends for picking her up off the floor and letting her know how much she shines!
Grace, Janis Understudy, Giraffe Ensemble
Lydia is so excited to be in her first Greenhill show as an Upper School student. Her favorite role so far was Mayzie in last year's production of Seussical Jr. She is also excited to be a part of the Edinburgh trip and the spring production of Much Ado About Nothing. Lydia would like to thank her parents, her friends, VHS, Dr. Aprahamian, Ms. McCain, and Ms. Goold.
Sally, Zebra Ensemble
Sarah Koshy has never done theater before, but she is excited to be involved this year. She heard about theater from her friends and decided to try it. She is hoping to meet new people and be a part of the theater community. She can't wait for the rest of the semester and to be involved in the musical!
Charly, Giraffe Ensemble
Makena "Ven" Larson has done a few plays at her elementary school. She didn't have many lines but still had fun in the ensemble or coming on stage to say a few lines. She enjoys watching plays even if she's not really in it. She is very excited to be in MEAN GIRLS this year.
Mrs. George, Zebra Ensemble
This is Lila's fourth Greenhill show. She loves all aspects of theater. She can't wait for everyone to see the show. Lila is in the Greenhill Improv troop, AVP, and theater. She would like to thank everyone who helped make this show happen.
Aaron Samuels
Lucas Lopez is coming into his fourth and final year of musical theater looking to make an experience he'll never forget. Being in theater helped him find his bearings at Greenhill, and returning the kindness he was shown is his primary goal.
Technical Director, House Manager
This is Santiago's second year in technical practicum, but his third year working in theater. He is excited that he gets to do it again for his last year at Greenhill, as he is a senior. He began his journey working as a set builder for the 2021 fall play Baskerville and continued to grow into different roles. In The Little Mermaid, he worked as a spotlight operator, and for Big Fish and She Kills Monsters he was an assistant stage manager making sure that everything and everyone was in their place. He is very excited to see what MEAN GIRLS has to offer as this might be one of the biggest productions he has ever worked on. He would like to thank his family for supporting him all these years and his friends inside and outside of theater for always helping and being so supportive.
Trini, Ms. Norburry Understudy, Gazelle Ensemble
Theater is an environment where Natalie has always felt safe and supported. She has been doing theater for three years and loves it. She wants to thank Ms. McCain as well as Dr. A. for giving her the confidence to be on stage and for being so supportive. She is excited to see what lies ahead for her in Upper School Musical Theater.
Caroline K., Zebra Ensemble
This is Ava's first Greenhill production and ninth show overall. Christine in Be More Chill and Sandra in All Shook Up are two of her favorite past roles. Ava is so excited about being part of MEAN GIRLS! Lastly, she wants to thank her parents, friends, and everyone who has helped make this show possible!
Marymount Mathlete, Kevin G. Understudy, Giraffe Ensemble
This is Ollie's third production with Greenhill! They were in The Little Mermaid and in Seussical Jr. Something outside of school that Ollie did was The Addams Family and Willy Wonka. Singing is not Ollie's strongest area but they love dancing, it's something that has always been a part of them. Ollie was also involved with some tech! They did tech for a student play a while back. Ollie is excited for this year and excited to create memories!
Carpenter/Electrician, Light Board Operator
Avery has only been a part of theater for one year, and this is their first show being a part of tech. She participated in the Greenhill productions of Big Fish and She Kills Monsters. She also has been performing in Greenhill Choir for 10 years so she has some performing experience. She is enthusiastic about theater and is incredibly excited to participate in a show as iconic as MEAN GIRLS. She wants to thank her parents for being so supportive of her and she wants to thank the Greenhill Theater community for being so welcoming and kind.
Sandra, Cady Understudy, Song Captain, Gazelle Ensemble
This is Elise’s freshman year, and she is super excited to be doing MEAN GIRLS as her first Upper School show! Elise has been performing since she was very young, and her favorite production so far has been Seussical Jr., where she played the role of Jojo. Elise is so proud of all the cast and crew for helping create this show, and is excited to perform with everyone in the ensemble! She’d like to thank VHS, Ms. Goold, Mr. Dry, Mr. Martin, Dr. A, her parents (SO much driving), friends, and the cast and crew for their support throughout this whole experience. Elise hopes everyone breaks a leg, and she cannot wait for her next Greenhill production!
Assistant Stage Manager
Miles has been doing technical theater at Greenhill for two years. This is his third Upper School production, and he is very excited to get to be a part of MEAN GIRLS as a member of the technical crew. He is also looking forward to continuing in tech theater over the next two years. He would like to thank his mom for helping him keep up with his schedule during the busiest weeks working on the show.
Props, Carpenter, Deck Crew
Alyssa has just started her journey in the theater community. She has done professional dancing outside of Greenhill since she was three but has decided to join the team behind the scenes in creating the MEAN GIRLS set. She wants to thank her cat, Meadow, for providing her with enough serotonin to get through the school years. She is excited for the years to come and all the future productions she will be a part of.
Gretchen Wieners
This is Amanda's first Greenhill show, but she is super excited to contribute to such a great production! Amanda did musical theater as a little kid and is happy to be back on stage. Her favorite roles have been Nala in Lion King and Young Fiona from Shrek. She wants to thank everyone on the team who has made this experience possible, and her friends, and family for being so supportive!
Janis Sarkasian
This will be Alex's seventh Greenhill production. She has loved participating in Greenhill theater throughout Upper School. Her favorite roles include Cartwright in The Hounds Of Baskerville and the fisherman in Big Fish. Alex would like to thank the incredible cast and crew of MEAN GIRLS for working so hard on this production.
Mrs. Heron, Zebra Ensemble
This is Laura's second Greenhill production. Last year, she had a great time being in Big Fish, and cannot wait to join MEAN GIRLS as Mrs. Heron. She is very excited to make new friends and put on an excellent production! She would like to thank her family for supporting her.
Nissa, Gazelle Ensemble
Nylah is excited to bring her past experience as Tybalt from The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet to the stage. She's loved theatre and acting for as long as she can remember, and she's so happy to be able to bring her dreams to life. She would like to thank all the amazing people who helped her with this production and along the way to get here.
Jason, Aaron Understudy, Gazelle Ensemble
Xavier Rayvera has loved and been acting since he was little. He enjoys the life of the stage and the emotions a good show can bring on. Although he has been in many plays, this is his first Upper School production, and he is very excited to make it a great one. Xavier would like to thank his mom for always being there for the show. Xavier hopes to continue his passion for all things acting and keep on doing this for as long as he can.
Carpenter, Deck Crew
Helen is a sophomore in technical theater. She enjoys playing softball, soccer, weightlifting, reading, and coaching youth swim lessons in her free time. This is her third year in tech theater. She is super excited to work on MEAN GIRLS this year, as it is her favorite musical.
Sonja, Giraffe Ensemble
This is Dani Reiman first musical, and she is very excited to be part of MEAN GIRLS. She has done choir and loved performing solos on stage. She wants to thank her parents for allowing her to have this amazing opportunity.
Karen Smith
Cassie has always loved musical theater and is so excited for this year's production. She can't wait for everyone to see what our cast and crew has created and how we have put the Greenhill spin on this popular musical. She has learned a lot over the years and would like to thank Ms. Knott, her choir director who taught her how to project her voice, and Dr. Aprahamian, who has helped her in the more recent years. She would also like to thank VHS and Ms. Goold who helped her take Karen to the next level.
Tyler, Zebra Ensemble
Nate joined theater in the 2023 spring production of She Kills Monsters and has since been enthusiastic about contributing and being a part of theater through his senior year. Nate enjoys music and playing the bass guitar, and is glad to incorporate that into his school life through the musical. Nate will also be joining the theater group on the trip to Fringe Fest in Edinburgh, Scotland, and can't wait to showcase what Greenhill theater has to offer to foreign groups at this exciting opportunity.
Teary Student, Zebra Ensemble
Sia is 14 and is excited to be a part of her first Greenhill production, MEAN GIRLS, this year. She's done 14 other shows in the past, making this her 15th production in total. She's looking forward to doing more productions here and would like to thank her parents, VHS, and the rest of her cast, crew, and teachers who have made this such a fun experience. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she enjoyed being in it.
Props, Deck Captain
Doodle Schultz is a junior, and this is their second year at Greenhill. This is their third production at Greenhill, and their third production as a tech member. Overall, this is their seventh production. They love spending time to make as many details about the show as accurate and well done as possible. Outside of tech theater, they enjoy reading, writing, and learning other languages.
Dawn, Giraffe Ensemble
This is Natalia's first musical. She is so excited to be a part of this community and cannot wait to be here for the next three years. She would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her.
French Teacher, Gazelle Ensemble
This is Sofia Serrano's second and final year doing the school musical. She is so glad she joined and will miss it when she leaves. She wants to thank everyone who's brought her under their wing. She can't wait for everyone to see what we've put together!
Regina George
Ellery Sherwood is excited to perform in her 25th show in Greenhill's production of MEAN GIRLS as Regina George. Even in kindergarten Ellery knew she wanted to perform on stage, and ever since then, the rest has been history! Some theater highlights of hers include: Ms. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella in Into the Woods, and her Schmitt Jones Nomination for Aquata in Greenhill’s The Little Mermaid. She would like to give a special thanks to her mom, her dad and to Mrs. Peg for always supporting her through her highs, lows, and in-betweens. But most importantly, she can’t wait for everyone to enjoy all the love and dedication that the cast and crew has put into this show.
Glenn Coco, Giraffe Ensemble
This is Andy's fourth show at Greenhill, and he is so excited for everyone to see the incredible work done by the cast, crew, and amazing teachers. Since watching his older brother perform in The Secret Garden as a child, he has harbored a deep passion for theater and it is truly a second family for him. He'd like to thank his friends, family, and his brother, Nicholas.
Paint, Props, Costumes, Deck Crew
Ava is a senior who is in her fifth year of tech theater and is thrilled to be participating in her third production. She loves taking part in painting, set construction, and prop making. Ava would like to thank her teachers, Mr. Turbyne, and Mrs. Burns for all of their support and their encouragement of her love for the arts!
Mr. Heron, Giraffe Ensemble
Pranav has never done musical theater before but is super excited to be a part of theater this year! He's always wanted to be a part of a huge musical production, and he became obsessed with them last summer. He's especially looking forward to the songs like Where Do You Belong and Whose House is This because he loves music, especially singing.
Reagan, Gretchen Understudy, Zebra Ensemble
This is Jenna’s first year in Greenhill theater, but thinks it’s so fetch to be a part of MEAN GIRLS this year! Though she has always loved to sing and dance, this is her first time in a real production! She would like to thank her family and friends for their support, and the awesome directors and tech crew that the show could not happen without!
Shane Oman, Marymount Mathlete, Zebra Ensemble
This is Ethan’s sixth musical production and second at Greenhill. He is very grateful for his experience working on this show and would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. He would like to thank his castmates, friends, and family for their support and kindness during this process.
Carpenter, Spotlight Operator
Arjun is a junior and this is his third semester in tech theater but his first production. Last season, he helped construct the sets and is excited to be part of the crew for the first time. Technically, his theater career began 11 years ago when he was in the Primer Play.
Projection Operator, Carpenter
Sydney is a sophomore who enjoys reading. She participated in technical theater for Big Fish and was onstage for James and the Giant Peach when she was in eighth grade. This is her second year in tech theater, and she is excited about the upcoming shows. She would like to thank her family for supporting her.
Costumes, Deck Crew
Jnana Velamuri is a senior, and this is her sixth production with Greenhill. This will also be her first year in tech theater. She is excited to be a part of the show. She would like to thank the crew, cast, and teachers for such a wonderful experience!
Mathlete Moderator, Zebra Ensemble
Giuliana does not have much theater experience. She is a sophomore and is excited to perform in her first Greenhill show. She would like to thank everyone who made this show possible. Giuliana would also like to thank her family and friends for their support.


Stage Manager: Marieve Donnell
Assistant Stage Manager: Miles Newman
Assistant Director: Quinn Graves
Dance Captains: Tali Berrelez, Samantha Herrmann, Hazel Goes-Young
Song Captains: Ruby Garza, Lydia Kerridge, Elise Nelson
Show Deputies: Ava Spence, Jnana Velamuri, Alex Peplinski, Sanjna Kalisetty, Ellery Sherwood, Quinn Graves, Zoya Iyer
Assistant Technical Director: Santiago Lopez
Light Board Operator: Avery Montoya
Sound Board Operator: Darwin George
Sound Operator: Kaitlyn Herlitz
Projection Operator: Sydney Terrel
Spotlight Operator: Arjun and Deena Baig
Props Master: Doodle Schultz
Stage Hands: Nate Bales, Helen Reed, Alyssa O’Gorgmon
Director: Valerie Hauss-Smith
Asst. Director: Maxey Goold
Musical Director: Dr. Lucik Aprahamian
Choreographer: Kelly McCain
Set Design & Technical Direction: Will Turbyne
Projection Engineering: Lightware Labs
Rehearsal Accompanist: Cody Dry & Dr. Kelley Pochė-Rodriguez

Costume Design: Hope Cox
Sound Design: Mark Howard
Projection and Lighting Designer, MPAC Manager: Leann Burns
Head of Fine Arts: Terry Martin

Special Thanks

Thank you to the Greenhill Administration and Advancement Teams and indeed the entire community for their support! A special shoutout to the MEAN GIRLS parents for being ALL IN with our production. We see you volunteering, hear you rehearsing lines with our actors, and be part of dance choreography!

Thank you to Robert Jackson, Terry Martin, Alice Butler, and John Moseley for their guidance; and Abby Kraemer, Heather Biddle, JJ Pierce Theater, Erick Pittman, and the great folks at Greenhill Facilities!

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