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As the face of Greenhill's campus expanded and transformed, the Fine Arts Building has been one of the fixtures on campus that has evolved with the times. However - the Fine Arts Building wasn't always the Fine Arts Buildings. In fact, the Fall of 1973 saw the opening of the Levy Middle School building to house students in grades five through eight. For over two decades, Middle School students called Levy Middle School its home until the mid-1990s when Greenhill launched the "Reaching for the Stars Campaign" where two new buildings and a major renovation would take place. The major renovation that took place was transforming the Levy Middle School into the Fine Arts Building that would become the home for Greenhill's emerging program.
The architects hired for the "Reaching for the Stars Campaign" decided to convert the Fine Arts Building from a cavernous, open-spaced academic classroom building into a honeycombed series of labs, studios, practice rooms and a Recital Hall, which was all anchored by a stunning gallery spine. For decades, students from all grade levels honed their craft, developed their talents and showcased their performance skills in the Fine Arts Building. In addition, art work highlighted by sides of the hallway walls from Greenhill's talented students while 3D artwork would be showcased on the main floor. Greenhill's nationally-renowned Debate program would soon find its home inside the walls of the Fine Arts Building.
The Fine Arts Building went through another transformation in Summer of 2016 following the completion of Greenhill's crown-jewel, The Marshall Family Performing Arts Center. While many of the department's faculty moved to Greenhill's newest building, the Fine Arts Building went through another transformation by turning the Recital Hall into an expanded practice area with multiple private rooms. The Debate classroom was also expanded to offer more room for growth for Greenhill's nationally-recognized program. In addition, Greenhill moved its Security Team from the Maintenance Building on the far side of campus to the Fine Arts Building so that their presence is felt in the middle of campus.
The boardwalk located on the Greenhill's first art building.
The Fine Arts Building offers multiple practice and performance spaces.

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