Dr. Marcus R. Ingram, Equity & Inclusion Director

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"Diversity is a fact. Equity is a choice. And, inclusion is joy."

Monsie Munoz '05, Assistant Equity & Inclusion Director

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WHY INCLUSION WORK: Inclusion work is at the core of everything that I do as an educator. Feeling a sense of belonging is essential in a community, and inclusion work makes space for students, families, and employees to feel like they belong. I experience that sense of belonging as a member of the faculty, and I felt it many years ago as a student at Greenhill. If we want our students to feel like their voices and stories are valued, we must dedicate ourselves to building and maintaining relationships with the people in our community. After all, inclusion work requires exactly that: work.
GREENHILL INCLUSION HOPES: The greatest source of both magnificence and discord at Greenhill School comes from the same thing: our amazing and intentional diversity. The range of diverse points of view at Greenhill are like colorful strands of yarn. Inclusion work gives us the tools to become masterful weavers of stories, struggles, and hopes into the works of art that we could only begin to imagine. We must equip ourselves, support each other, acknowledge the blemishes in our work, and continue to create together. My hope for Greenhill as an inclusive community is that it will continuously adjust to incorporate all community members and that the ideology will outlast the people at the loom.

Ahmed Najm, Assistant Equity & Inclusion Director

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WHY INCLUSION WORK: To be known - this is a fundamental promise of school, one which we believe as a parent when we watch our child skip into the schoolhouse, or else as a student when we muster up the courage to share our voice in class for the first time, or else as a teacher when we ask a colleague for advice on how to manage a tricky lesson. The schoolhouse offers us comfort in knowing us so that when we extend ourselves to the edge of some imagined possibility, no matter how far we go, we can trust that we will be known. Inclusion work endeavors toward keeping this promise.
GREENHILL INCLUSION HOPES: At Greenhill, this work lives everywhere, and we are beckoned by the reciprocal force of the promise to challenge ourselves to know others. In my short but meaningful time here, I have been moved by our community’s openness, our diversity, and our willingness to engage. I am hopeful that we will work together to illuminate the existing practices that help us to feel known and to know others, that we will remove barriers where they exist, and that we will welcome those new discoveries that serve our ends.

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