Terry Martin

Head of Fine Arts
martint@greenhill.org | (972) 628-5601

"Hello, New Greenhill Families!

At Greenhill, we nurture not just artists but individuals who wield their creative skills as life tools — critical thinking, collaboration, and the courage to express their truth. We're crafting a space where students learn that their artistic endeavors can pave the way for a life rich with passion and purpose.

In the tender years of Preschool and Lower School, music and visual arts are the languages through which we teach our students to communicate, dream, and think outside the box. As they ascend to Middle and Upper School, the canvas broadens, offering a palette of electives that challenge them to dive deeper into their artistic pursuits, find their unique voices, and, most importantly, discover themselves.

Our Fine Arts program is a place where the arts are explored and lived. You are welcome to see this for yourself at any of our fine arts events for the remainder of the year. Please keep an eye on our Greenhill calendar.

We can't wait to meet you and your budding artists. Together, we'll embark on a journey that transcends the classroom, preparing them not just for the stage or gallery, but for life itself."

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