Stay-at-Home Learning Option

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize there may be circumstances in which a student is best served by attending school from home. While the on-campus experience cannot be entirely replicated, we are committed to helping these students stay connected and learn from home until they return to school. As with any student, we will keep lines of communication open between all members of the on-campus support team and parents to work proactively on behalf of the student.
Greenhill’s program is designed to be accessible to students whether they are in-person or at home. Daily and weekly schedules are designed to be consistent and predictable so that students know when classes are happening regardless of whether the student is on campus or at home.
Starting the week of August 10, Greenhill will ask families if they would like to use stay-at-home learning or return to campus when the school reopens in September. From that point on, the school will implement a process that gives families choice. Families choosing remote learning will have an opportunity around the 20th day of each month to evaluate their participation and can elect to return to school. At the point that a student is ready to return to campus, there will be an on campus orientation meeting to prepare the student to reenter the classroom and extracurricular activities. The student will then return to campus for classes on the following Monday.
Students may transition into the stay-at-home learning option at any time by notifying their homeroom teacher/advisor and the divisional coordinator. If a student decides to transition to stay-at-home learning mid-cycle, that family may not return to campus until the designated return dates. If a student is in stay-at-home learning because of a mandatory quarantine, that student may return to campus as soon as the quarantine is lifted.
Monthly Survey SubmittedStudent OrientationOn Campus Classes Start Date
October 16October 30November 2
November 13November 19 or 20November 30
December 17January 4 or 5January 5

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