Remote Learning Overview

Greenhill’s remote learning plan for the 2020-2021 school year was built based on the recommendations of the Return to the Hill Remote Learning Task Force. This team of faculty and administrators reviewed parent and faculty feedback from the spring of 2020 and best practices from distance learning organizations to create a series of guiding principles for instruction.


Our PreK - 12 remote schedules are designed to keep students at the center while moving them forward on their educational journey, adhere to age level and developmental best practices, continue and advance academic and SEL growth, and maximize student engagement.
We are maintaining elements of our program that worked well in the spring:
  • Connectivity and relationship building through daily homeroom/advisory.
  • A balance of direct instruction, small group learning, and one-on-one teacher support
We have improved the following areas to create a more robust remote learning program:
  • Our commitment to consistent, synchronous SEL, academic, arts, physical education/athletics components.
  • A strong blend of synchronous and asynchronous instruction.
  • Greater predictability for students with the daily schedule, establishing more routines to help them manage their cognitive load.
  • Intentional boundaries and limits for screen time and facilitated unplugging.
  • More frequent opportunities for team planning; faculty and employee opportunities for community gathering, training, and professional development.
Hornet Wednesday: Each schedule includes Hornet Wednesday. These days provide faculty and students time to connect and engage in the many experiences typical of a Greenhill education, such as community time, affinity groups, community service, and clubs. In the event that a week is shortened because of a holiday or conferences, Hornet Wednesdays will be eliminated, and students will have four full academic days.

Class Structure & Homework

  • Preschool and Lower School, classes will range from 20-45 minutes
  • Middle and Upper School, classes range from 75-80 minutes
  • Class time will include: whole-class lessons, small group exercises, individual work, and reflection time.
  • Faculty members will intentionally build three signature practices into each class: a welcoming ritual, engaging strategies, and an optimistic closure.
  • Preschool and Lower School will not have homework to complete outside of class.
  • Middle and Upper School students will have homework that must be completed outside of scheduled class times.

Expectations & Grading

All students will engage in a First Steps Program during the first week of remote learning. The program will establish norms and expectations for student engagement and participation for remote learning.
We will resume a more typical level of grading.
  • Preschool and Lower School students will receive assessments of both skills and social-emotional aptitudes.
  • Middle and Upper School students will receive grades and feedback as they typically would during a regular school year.

Digital Tools & Supplies

Digital tools and physical supplies are an essential component of our remote learning program. We have streamlined our digital portfolio to make it easier for students and families to navigate remote learning:
  • Academic Information on Greenhill Website: All academic classroom information will available to students and families when they log onto the Greenhill website.
  • Microsoft Teams for Class Meetings: Teams will shortly have the capability to show a full classroom of students on a single screen allowing for greater interaction among the teacher and students. When this functionality becomes available, we will transition to this secure tool to facilitate all classroom meetings and the use of Zoom for classroom time will be phased out.
  • Additional electronic tools: New electronic tools will be available to enhance the learning experience. More information to follow.

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