To help the Admission Committee learn more about your child and your family, we request responses to the questions listed below in the electronic application. It may be helpful to start thinking about responses to these questions prior to starting the application.


The Admission Committee is interested in knowing more about you and your family.
1. Please explain your interest in sending your son/daughter to Greenhill School.
2. How did you first learn about Greenhill School?
3. What are your child's greatest strengths?
4. Please comment on what you consider to be your child's greatest area of need. What steps have been taken to address this?
5. Please describe your child's current academic environment
6. Describe your child's relationship with his/her peers.
7. Describe your child's relationship with his/her family.
8. Does your child receive any tutoring or academic enrichment outside of the classroom? If so, please explain.
9. Describe any service or volunteer activities you have been involved in within your community or schools.
10. Please feel free to make any additional comments which provide further insight about your child.

For all applicants grades 5-11

Please answer the following questions in the space provided. Your answers should be typed in your own words.
1. Describe a character in fiction, an historical figure or a work of art that has had an influence on you and explain that influence.
2. Describe one of your most memorable school experiences.
3. Outside of school, what are your most significant interests?
4. What is your favorite book and why?
In your own words, please use this opportunity to tell us something more about yourself. While there are no required topics, you might consider describing something about your family, an important personal experience, a significant book or a friend. Feel free to write about whatever is important to you. By reading your essay, we hope to gain a more complete picture of you and the things that matter to you. You will probably want to write more than a short paragraph, but please be aware that you must complete your essay using 5,000 characters or less. Your essay should be typed in your own words.

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