Parents' Association Farmhouse

The Parents' Association (PA) Farmhouse is the oldest building on campus having been built just a decade after Texas earned statehood and was once the residence of turkey farmers. Over the years, the PA Farmhouse has served many different roles from serving as the home of the school custodians to the school's first Child Development Center for the children of faculty members. Soon after, the farmhouse would serve as a senior lounge then the Headmaster's Office and Admission Office before finally becoming the home to Greenhill's Parents' Association.
When Greenhill launched the "Reaching for the Stars Campaign," the original location for the farmhouse was what would today be the 8th grade pod in the Levy Middle School. As the architectural plans began to take shape and the fundraising efforts picked up speed, the school had to begin clearing space for the new buildings. Over that summer, the 1855 farmhouse was moved to make room for the construction of the new Middle School and administration buildings. “It cost something like $8,000 to pick up that building and move it 400 or 500 yards,” former Business Manager Ken Piel recalled. “And it was a comedy of errors. Half the old farmhouse was jacked up one day, the other half the next day. It looked like a teeter totter. After the movers got it up off the ground, we realized it had been sitting on some old bois d’arc stumps. Under the building, we found a medicine bottle from the 1800s and lots of beer bottles."
When Greenhill finally opened its beautiful and gracious entrance on Spring Valley Road, the PA Farmhouse became one of the first sites that visitors see on campus. The PA Farmhouse currently sits next to the Scott A. Griggs Meadow and is surrounded by a windmill from the creek, three flagpoles and new school flag. During the process of this transformation, Greenhill School acquired a new address: 4141 Spring Valley Road, Addison, Texas 75001.

The old farmhouse was built just 14 years after the City of Dallas was founded.

The PA Farmhouse overlooks the Scott A. Griggs Meadow located by the front entrance.

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