High Performance

The goal of the High Performance Center is to teach each student-athlete about body mechanics, understand muscle groups and the importance of nutrition.
The mission of the High Performance Center is to aid in the prevention of injuries as well as improve athletic performance through ground-base multi-joint movements. Teaching progression and periodization are used in each training cycle with every sport. Emphasis is placed on correct technique, posture, proper load progression and functional athletic movements in all three planes.
The High Performance staff will teach the new student-athlete correct form and technique through a simple-to-complex progression. Our goal is to teach each student-athlete about body mechanics, understand muscle groups and the importance of nutrition.
Attention to detail, structure and an order of procession are used with all High Performance workouts. The student-athletes are shown how to perform certain exercises in a specific order with specific detail to rotating with other students in their group. Core work is done with every workout. The student-athletes work in pairs to ensure safety in spotting and efficiency of workout. The High Performance staff constantly monitors each group by giving general and specific feedback to each student-athlete.
Every High Performance workout begins with a functional warm-up, dynamic stretching and ends with static stretches for an important part of the overall program placed on flexibility.

HPC Hours

Monday - Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Friday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Seasonal Training Philosophy

Summer: The summer period of training is the most important time period of preparation for all fall sports. During the summer, the High Performance staff focuses on building the "base" of every student-athlete. The first two weeks of conditioning and technical work on the corew weight room exercises are most important in injury prevention and improving performance. The High Performance staff spends each day on a combination of venues/surfaces depending on the sports represented. The staff will alternate between the gym (for indoor sports) as well as the grass and track (for outdoor sports). There are two three-week sessions for the summer and various times, each day, for student-athletes to train. The time commitment each day is 1 1/2-to-2 hours per session, and student-athletes are asked to choose the session that most of their teammates will be attending to build team unity.
In-Season: During the season, the High Performance staff schedules each team with mandatory workouts around their respective games schedules. Each team comes into the High Performance Center twice a week to workout to a sport-specific designed plan. The workouts are designed to be shorter (typically 30 minutes) and focuses on total body exercises. All student-athletes are expected to attend and can be only be excused by his/her head coach, athletic trainer or doctor. Student-athletes are expected to see the athletic trainers if they are unable to fully practice or lift due to injury. Any injuries and treatment procedures will be communicated to the High Performance staff so that the student-athlete's workout can be modified, but they are still expected to lift with their teams.
Off-Season: The offseason time allows for teams to prepare for the upcoming season. The fall is a time to train for the upcoming winter sports, and is suggested for all winter sport student-athletes who are not participating in a fall sport. Likewise, the winter preseason is a time to train for the upcoming spring season and is for all student-athletes that are not participating in a winter sport. These workouts are a combination of outside running drills and weight room workouts that typically take 1 1/2 hours to complete. This is a popular time to train for student-athletes and build team cohesiveness that is so important.

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