Mission Statement

Honor, respect and compassion are more than nice ideas;
they’re living, breathing entities that influence every day here at Greenhill.
Greenhill School is a diverse community of learners that strives for excellence; values individuality; fosters a passion for learning; promotes the balanced development of mind, body, and character; encourages service; and instills a respect for others.

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  • Core Principles: Honor, Respect & Compassion

    In adopting these core principles, honor, respect and compassion, the Greenhill community affirms the development of character as an essential and ever-present element of its mission. Commitment to this ideal will guide the School's decisions and permeate all areas of Greenhill life. All members of the community will strive to model the behavior and attitudes we wish others to adopt. Moreover, we will recognize and highlight behaviors and attitudes that can serve as models for the entire Greenhill community.
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  • Statement of Philosophy

    As the region’s first co-educational independent school, Greenhill School provides exceptional opportunities for academic achievement, intellectual growth, artistic fulfillment, physical development, moral awareness, and community engagement. The school brings together diverse students of distinct abilities; teachers with expertise both in their disciplines and in child development; a dynamic curriculum that embraces the liberal arts and sciences, fine arts, and athletics; and a steadfast commitment to equity and inclusion.
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Greenhill School

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